Is Sugar Toxic?


Is sugar toxic? Is it a poison?

The most likely short answer: YES, sugar can be toxic if consumed in excess for a long time. It can then result in obesity, metabolic syndrome and diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

So how much sugar is too much? Here’s the longer, more eloquent answer from Dr Peter Attia:

The Eating Academy: Is sugar toxic?

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  1. Sally Edelstein
    It may be hard to swallow but once upon a time sugar was not the unhealthy villain it is viewed today but an "essential" nutrient. Through the first half of the 20th century sugar was deemed essential to health-good tasting and good for you. In fact it was sanctioned by Uncle Sam as part of the 7 essential food groups of WWII. No one fanned the sugar flame more than Corn Products Refining Co. producers of dextrose sugar whose ads encouraged "By all means. let em' eat cake...and candy too! Dextrose was the wonder nutrient. For a look at a collection of vintage Dextrose ads whose messages seem as quaint as the images themselves

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