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“The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp” 6
AHS showdown: Gary Taubes vs Stephan Guyenet 112
You Can Learn Anything 1
Big Fat Presentations Coming? 7
Dinner at Diet Doctor’s 51
Experiment: Optimal Ketosis for Weight Loss and Improved Performance 96
Baby Sister 50
OT: Not Exactly Paleo 15
Bacon Trending on Twitter 52
New Visitor Records! 13
Strategic Planning Days for Diet Doctor 17
What’s Inside the Bags? 16


  1. Steve
    Well now, technically if you had to add a "1" to DietDoctor then clearly you're number two!!


  2. Chip Paulson
    Interesting! It`s nice to see people reaching out to help others in need!


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