Dan Moffet and His 158 Pounds Lost on LCHF

I got a Facebook message from Dan Moffet, the man in the pictures above:

Since adopting the LCHF lifestyle I have lost 158 pounds in 30 months. http://danmoffett.blogspot.com/
Thanks DietDoctor

Congratulations Dan! Very impressive.

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  1. Susanne
    Impressive. Congratz to you, Dan. Keep up the good work.
  2. Anja
    WOW, great job!
  3. Stipetic
    That is freakin' impressive. Attaboy, Dan.
  4. Troy Wynn
    Very nice. Job well done!
  5. Stacy in USA
    He looks fantastic. What a great job!
  6. Congrat´s !!!
    And if you look at his blog you will see that his beard and hair did not deterogate in the way this before and after pictures suggest.
  7. Amazing! Congratulations, Dan!
  8. GRatz!!!
  9. Wade Henderson
    Interesting, he doesn't look all that unusual at 340 lbs. Suggesting to me that lots of the folks I see out there shopping are WAY over 340. I don't recall his height.

    All in all, very good results. .Wonder what the bloodwork numbers are.

  10. Liv
    Great job
  11. Thanks all,
    I trimmed the beard WAY back. I don't have the extra chins to hide. I have just the one now.
    The hair is staying in, just keeping it cut closer.
    I am 6 foot tall.
  12. Nikki
    @ Dan: Amazing transformation you have made! I'm on a similar journey and started LCHF about a week ago. I'm already seeing changes in mood, appetite and energy.

    Did you start any kind of exercise before hand? I am doing basic walking and just doing more in general to keep myself motivated.

    Huzzah to you! :)

  13. Lomac
    Dan I am beyond impressed with your transformation! Can I ask your advice? Did you eat cheese? Full fat cheese? Is it too high in protein? Doc doesnt list cheese. Did you eat nuts, any sweeteners, dark chocolate, berries? I want to do the diet with cheese, eggs, cream and oils (no meat). Whats your thoughts??? Again, well done, amazing!

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