Crazy times

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m doing 14 lectures in 15 days now in different cities in Sweden, on the subject of low carb diets and health. The subject has never been hotter in my country. Journalists are calling every single day now. At the same time I’m working with patients two-three days a week at my clinic. Trying to update both my Swedish and English blog at the same time has been hard.

This weekend I will go to Baltimore for the obesity conference, meeting up with some low carb people, including Jimmy Moore. Apparently we are going to some Brazilian Steakhouse to eat all the meat we can get. Reports and interviews from that trip will end up here for sure.

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  1. Börjesson
    While the good Doc is busy conducting his ongoing revolution, I can recommend this long and interesting article in today's NY Times. It's by one of the Doc's own heroes, Gary Taubes.

    Is Sugar Toxic?

  2. Catin
    Just a note to say how much I appreciate your doing an English version! Google Translate gives a valiant effort but it's not quite the same. :)

    Fantastic video interviews on Youtube. Thanks!

  3. Catin,
    You're welcome!

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