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How Losing Weight With LCHF Helps Save Children’s Lives in Amazonas

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How can losing weight with LCHF help to save children’s lives in Amazonas? The other day I received a fantastic story from Cate – the woman on the wing of the airplane above. Continue Reading →

Which of These Two Men Lives Dangerously?

Before and after

Before and after

Is eating a low-carb diet dangerous? Sometimes you can only smile at the unscientific fear-mongering that can still be seen occasionally in the media.

Take a look at the pictures and read Kent’s story. Then ask yourself, which of the two men above seems to live dangerously?


Up until May 4th, 2013, I weighed almost 230 lbs (104 kg). I had to take antihypertensive medications and medications for constant heartburn. I had previously undergone surgery for umbilical hernia. I had constant pain in knees and shoulders. I also didn’t manage to go for longer walks than necessary without becoming exhausted.

Then I finally made a resolution to try LCHF. The hard part was freeing myself from sugar, but after that it went really well. There is so much good stuff to eat if I really want to change my diet. This has also improved my sleep, and I haven’t been sick a single day since the start. Now, nine months later, I weigh 183 lbs (83 kg).

Today I enjoy what I see in the mirror and I feel better than ever. So, if my symptoms sound familiar – give LCHF  a try.

Take care and be well.

Sincerely, Kent

God job, Kent, congratulations! Continue Reading →


“You Have Literally Saved My Life”

Before and after

               Before and after

Here’s an impressive life transformation story, from Gareth Hicks: Continue Reading →


Instead of Weight-Loss Surgery

Before and after

Before and after

The other week I got an e-mail from Linda Börjes, who had started to google gastric bypass surgery, but instead got lucky and found LCHF through friends.

Here’s her story: Continue Reading →


Losing Weight Long Term on LCHF

Before and after

Before and after

Does LCHF work long-term? I received an e-mail from Ramsey, who knows for sure: Continue Reading →


Losing 160 lbs in a Year with LCHF!

Before and after

Before and after

I received an e-mail from Deah, friends with Sophie in Hawaii (an earlier success story). She’s got an impressive story to share: Continue Reading →


Sugar vs Fat on BBC: Which is Worse?

Sugar or fat, which is worse? That’s the question in the BBC documentary “Sugar vs. Fat” that aired the other night. And it’s been a long time since I got so many e-mails asking me for comments!

It’s an interesting setup. Two identical twin brothers – both of them doctors – go on a diet for a month. One on an extreme low fat diet, one on an extreme low carb diet (not even vegetables are allowed!). Here’s some background information:

MailOnline: One twin gave up sugar, the other gave up fat. Their experiment could change YOUR life

You can watch the show online here if you’re in the UK or watch a lower-quality copy on YouTube if you’re not.

Unfortunately they end up mostly “confirming” their preconceived ideas. Ready? Here comes the spoilers:

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“Your Blog Changed My Life”


I received an e-mail from Sophie in Hawaii, who wanted to share her health and weight-success story: Continue Reading →


Losing 95 lbs in a Year with LCHF and Intermittent Fasting

Before and after

Before and after

More and more people are combining LCHF with some version of intermittent fasting. This often works great.

I recently got an e-mail from Lina Hassinen. Here’s her story: Continue Reading →


Sugar Addiction and ADHD Kept Under Control with LCHF


How many young people aren’t stuck in a sugar addiction, with all the problems that come with it? Toby was one of them.

Here’s his story about how he got himself a new life: Continue Reading →