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“My Happiness and Meaning of Life Have Returned”

John suffered from an addiction and had lost his company, he was overweight, in debt and he did not even have contact with his children anymore.

Then the turning point came, and it started with food.

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“I Think It Is a Life Saver”


So far this year more than 35,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:



I lost 7 lbs. (3 kg). I have tried low carb before but never low carb, high fat. The induction flu symptoms were pretty non existent compared to the past. I like how I do not have cravings for the junk-food carbs and could easily pass up desserts and am rarely hungry.

I liked the recipes and so did my family.

I modified the shopping lists to print for 3 people but I do not think the recipes modified. It would be great to have the recipes modifiable based on how many servings and to be searchable based on carb content (stict, low, liberal, etc).

I appreciate your passion to help others become healthy. Each of us who succeed are a walking testament to others to join.

Thank you,

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The Diet That Made Me “Not-So-Big” Phil


The radio executive Phil Riley helped shape the British music industry. But he could not control his weight…. until he found how to do it.

Guess how?

Daily Mail: The Diet That Made Me a Not-So-Big Phil: Radio Executive Who Launched Heart and Magic Battles Back Against Obesity

So what worked for Phil? A low-carb diet combined with intermittent fasting (an excellent choice).

Do you want to try it yourself? Buy Phil Riley’s new book or use the free resources below.

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“To See Your Child Shine with Happiness Is Just an Amazing Feeling”


Here’s another sweet story about getting rid of sugar:

Last year January my husband and I were talking about how much weight our son had put on in just the past year. Evaluating what he eats and drinks and how much exercise he gets in.

Extremely occasionally junk food, sweets cookies and so on. No soft drinks or coffee. We always ate veggies, meat, fish, the usual. He loves veggies.

I came across a video called lard makes you lean. After a good giggle I watched it and found more related videos.

Well smack me silly if we don’t realize right there how wrong we have been.

All the fruit, fruit juices, iced tea, provitas, low fat yogurt, pronutro, we’re all WRONG!!!!! 😱

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How Gino Reversed His Type 2 Diabetes by Doing the Opposite

Before and after

Before and after

This letter is from a reader, Gino on April 9, 2016.

Dr. Jason Fung,

I want to thank you for opening my mind and providing a window down a path less travelled. Although we’ve never met or conversed, your writings and videos have served as our means of communication. My story starts in 1993, where a routine medical test for life insurance, discovered elevated protein levels in my urine.

Ever since, I have regular blood work testing as well as monitoring of protein levels by both my family doctor and nephrologist. In the last year, without any advance warning, my fasting glucose and HbA1C steadily increased. Continue Reading →


Finally, 100 Sugar-Free Days!


Eden had been struggling for years. For a few weeks she would eat well, but then her cravings would make her eat all kinds of sugary foods again. She could not lose weight, she was prediabetic and she felt too tired to work.

Finally she found the tools needed to break free. She’s now been living sugar free for 100 days, something that used to be impossible for her. Here’s how she did it and how it transformed her life. Continue Reading →


“Best Thing I Could Have Done for Myself”


So far this year more than 34,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Dear Andreas,

After putting on and taking off the same 10 kg (22 lbs.) for the last 20 years I have been following LCHF for almost 2 years now, losing 8 kg (18 lbs.) in only a few months, something that had never happened before – I’m only 5”2.

But bad habits had started to creep back in and I felt my clothes getting tighter again. I signed up for the 2 week challenge and handed your structured plan over to my husband as his weight had ballooned to dangerous territory and he was ready to do something about it.

My husband shopped and did the cooking for all of us (I was in heaven!) and found he really enjoyed the meals and was able to stick to the plan. After 2 weeks he has lost 6 kg (13 lbs.). I have lost weight too, and my 15-year-old daughter is fitting back into clothes she hasn’t been able to for a long time. Thanks for taking the time to put the program together.

LCHF is a wonderful way to live your life – never hungry and maintaining a normal weight. Something that is not possible following the official dietary guidelines – believe me I know this only too well.

Kind regards

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: Sunny and Cherie



I first met Sunny in September 2015 in the Intensive Dietary Management program. Sunny, aged 51 had been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic since the mid 1990s when he was only in his 30s. He was initially started on the medication Metformin for diabetes.

Over the years, he required more and more medications to control his blood sugars. By 2011 he was prescribed insulin. By the time I saw him, he was taking maximal doses of Metformin in addition to injecting 70 units of insulin every day.

Despite this large dose of medication his sugars were still sub-optimally controlled with a haemoglobin A1C of 7.2%. This blood test reflects the three-month average of blood sugars. Optimal control is defined as less than 7.0%, although many physicians recommend getting the A1C to less than 6.5%.

Sunny participated in our IDM program starting October 2nd, 2015. He changed to a diet low in refined carbohydrates and high in natural fats. In addition, we asked him to fast three days a week for 36-42 hours each. If he finished dinner on Day 1, he would not eat again until lunch of Day 3.

His blood sugars improved immediately. In a short two weeks, all of his insulin was discontinued. One month after that, we stopped all his diabetic medications entirely. He has since maintained normal blood sugars without any medications and managed entirely by dietary measures. Continue Reading →


“I Enjoy Eating Like This with Little to No Hunger”

Before and after

Before and after

After the weight had slowly crept up on him through the years, Tom decided to do something about it. Nine months later he’s lost 76 pounds (35 kilos) with no exercise. Here’s how he did it: Continue Reading →