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The Result of a Stricter LCHF and Intermittent Fasting


Before and after

Are you eating LCHF but not getting all the results that you want? Eating stricter (fewer carbohydrates) is one method of getting better results. Adding intermittent fasting (like 16:8) is another one.

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Losing Weight and Reversing Diabetes – New Membership Video

Losing Weight and Reversing Diabetes

Is it possible to lose weight and reverse diabetes with a simple dietary change, even without adding any extra exercise? That’s exactly what Maureen Brenner did. Within a year she was off all her medications.

In this interview she describes her story, how it makes her feel and her best advice for other people who want to get started. Watch it on the membership site

Learn more about the membership – you can sign up for a free trial in less than a minute

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Losing 143 Pounds in a Year with LCHF

Before and after

Before and after 365 days

Janne’s friend had sausages, cheese and béarnaise sauce during their movie night – he ate LCHF. This made Janne want to try it himself. At 353 lbs (160 kg) he felt that he didn’t have anything to lose, even though the dietitian had discouraged him.

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“I’ll Introduce Myself as an Ex-Diabetic From Now On”

Before and after 8 weeks

Before and after 8 weeks

When Ian went in for his routine medical exam he got a type 2 diabetes diagnosis! And he needed to start treatment right away.

Here’s what happened when he searched for science, found the Diet Doctor website and chose not to follow his dietitian’s crappy low-fat advice. It includes 16 kilos (35 pounds) lost in eight weeks, but that’s just the beginning:

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“The Weight Fell Off”

Before and after

Before and after

Vern had been overweight for most of her life, but it was when she was given a diabetes scare that she started to investigate lifestyles.

Here’s what happened when she found what worked:
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“My Hunger Is Now SO MUCH More Manageable”


Ben Mallon, Texas, just had a wake up call where his urine sugar was found to be sky rocketing, probably due to type 2 diabetes. While waiting for a doctor’s appointment he found the Diet Doctor site and changed his diet.

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How to Lose 240 Pounds Without Hunger

Is it possible to lose 240 pounds without hunger or weight-loss surgery? Here’s the amazing and inspiring story of Lynne Ivey, who did just that.

Above you can watch the first 11 minutes of our interview.

There’s a second 20-minute part of the interview on the membership site (free trial one month) where Lynne Ivey goes into more detail about her weight-loss journey and her best tips for other people.

Full 31 minute interview (membership required)

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“I Proved Them Wrong”


Before and after

All throughout her childhood Melanie was bullied because of her weight. She tried all kinds of extreme diets to no avail and her self esteem was crushed. But then she discovered something that changed everything.

Here’s her story.

The Email

Dear Doctor,

Hello and good day to you. My name is Melanie Ong, and I’m a Chinese residing in the Philippines, 28 years old. During my younger years, I experienced fat shaming and bullying all throughout my journey to growing up because of my size. I hear all the ramblings over and over again amidst my family, relatives and social circle.

Angry, filled with hate and torn apart inside, I decided to take matters into extremes by crash dieting and starvation, yet to no avail. The fat shaming and bullying grew even worse, which I couldn’t stand any more. Continue Reading →


How to Lose 150 Pounds on Low Carb – and Keep it Off For Five Years!

5.0 out of 5 stars5 star100%4 star0%3 star0%2 star0%1 star0%6 ratings11,034 viewsDesi Miller lost 150 pounds on an LCHF diet five years ago, and she’s managed to keep it off.

Here she tells her story and the secrets she’s found to maintaining weight loss – including the emotional side of it.

This interview was done on the recent Low-Carb Cruise. It’s been available on our membership site for a month but I want everyone to be able to see it, so now it’s free for everyone.

Do you know anyone who would benefit from watching it? Feel free to share the link.

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