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The Beginning and End of the Fear of Fat


This is the book that contributes to finally dismissing the old fear of fat. When the book The Big Fat Surprise came out in June last year, major American newspapers praised it. It has become a New York Times  best seller and The Wall Street Journal appointed it one of the best books of the year.

This book redefines food for many influential people and the fear of fat is losing its grip on the world.

Finally, I too have read the book. It’s a big book that initially is very similar to the fantastic Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007). But once you’ve read the first chapters you realize that this book is so much more. It’s an updated version with a somewhat different focus – and for most readers probably far more entertaining, clarifying and upsetting.

This is the definitive story on how fear of fat was based on how ambitious researchers and well-meaning politicians took short cuts and ignored the lack of real evidence. And as gigantic economic interests entered the picture things went very wrong.

The Problem with Fear of Fat

We know the result: instead of harmless fat – that we’ve been unnecessarily afraid of – people began to eat more sugar, wheat flour and other refined carbohydrates, which increase the fat-storing hormone insulin. Voilá: an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

The book also goes in detail through the tragicomic and terrifying hunt for a replacement for natural saturated fat. Continue Reading →


Elevator Ban in Fight Against the Obesity Epidemic – Seriously!


The desparation is spreading. In Turkey a ban on using the elevator is now introduced to curb the obesity epidemic in the population:

Daily Sabah: Governor takes on elevators in fight against obesity

So far the ban only applies to public buildings in a province in Turkey – and if you want to go beyond the third floor this is apparently ok. There are also exemptions for nursing homes and people who for health reasons can’t climb stairs.

I wonder if you need a doctor’s note to take the elevator and who is going to monitor this? And what about strollers, should they too take the stairs?

The Elevator Act will hardly be a success. Of course it’s good to move, but unfortunately it doesn’t have any major impact on weight. Similar laws will produce a lot of hassle but hardly any positive effect. You also add to the old prejudices against people with weight problems.

The same governor has previously ordered that coffeehouses serve tea with only one sugar cube instead of two. This is a step in the right direction but it fails to adress the truly massive problem.


If you’re going to have an impact on the obesity epidemic through legislation you need to start at the right place.

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Do You Want to Watch the Excellent Obesity Documentary FED UP?

This spring I wrote about this exciting documentary, FED UP. Just from watching the trailer it was clear that this would be something extra. A documentary about the obesity epidemic, of highest quality, that doesn’t just put the blame on a lack of calorie counting and willpower in sick people (something that’s just sickening).

The documentary screened in theaters in the US during the summer and received consistently excellent reviews. It hasn’t shown in Sweden, but a couple of days ago it was released on DVD and finally I had a chance to watch it.

The movie is excellent and goes further than other previous major productions. It completely dismisses the sugar industry’s favorite idea that obesity just depends on calories. Instead, the blame is clearly put on the real culprit: sugar and addictive junk food.

Here’s the movie’s strengths… and its fatal weakness: Continue Reading →


The Movie the Junk Food Industry Fears


Here’s the movie that the junk food industry fears.

This new American documentary about obesity – FED UP – could stir up the debate when it premiers in four weeks. It’s produced and narrated by Katie Couric, one of the best known American news anchors.

The movie seems to hit home when it comes to the causes of obesity. This by interviewing people who really know their stuff, including several of my heroes: Dr. Robert Lustig, Gary Taubes, Michael Pollan, Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Mark Hyman. Bill Clinton is in it as well.

Watch the trailer – it’s excellent. Things are on a roll!

What do you think?

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Developing World Reaches a Billion Overweight People – Time for a Change?


The obesity epidemic is not only affecting the rich world. According to a new report, the number of overweight people in developing countries has quadrupled since 1980. In countries like China, Egypt and Mexico, there are now over a billion people with a weight problem.

BBC News: Obesity quadruples to nearly one billion in developing world

The Statistics

The trend is seen worldwide. Here’s the percentage of people with a weight problem in different regions in 1980 (yellow graphs) and 2008 (blue graphs):


Asia looks pretty good if you look at BMI numbers. But in reality things are a lot worse, as people of Asian origin on average are of a smaller build. When they reach overweight, as measured by BMI, they may already suffer from severe health problems, something that is illustrated by China’s ongoing diabetes disaster.

Despite lower BMI numbers, China seems to already have greater problems with weight-related ill health than Western countries do.

No Rethinking

A report by a British think tank offers no new ideas on how to solve the problem. Instead, the belief is that the obesity epidemic is caused by eating too little of starchy foods – and too much fat and animal foods. Really? When study after study has proven that such a dietary change on the contrary is the most effective for weight loss?

It’s perhaps not a coincidence that the UK is the fattest country in Europe. When British experts still believe in the outdated low-fat ideas that created the obesity epidemic, then there’s no hope of any help from them. But in the future, they will be questioned if they don’t update themselves… and finally people will stop listening to them. Fortunately there are already quite a few British critics rethinking this.

Einstein’s famous quote says: insanity is doing the same thing – over and over – and expecting a different result. It’s high time to stop the madness. Continue Reading →


Soldiers Need Liposuction to Pass Fat Test

Here’s another example of the mess caused by too much sugar and processed carbs:

The number of army soldiers failing the “tape test” for being overweight is exploding. It’s up more than tenfold since 2008. Failing the test even once can halt promotions for years.

The solution for more and more soldiers? Liposuction.

RCD: Bulky Troops Turn to Liposuction to Pass Fat Test

These guys don’t need liposuction. They need better advice. And better food.


This story was emailed to me by Dan F, who also told me this:

BTW, I’m now 175lbs down with 100 to go since going totally LCHF Aug. 1 2012.  Thanks again for all YOUR inspiration!