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Q&A: I’m Not Losing Weight on LCHF – What Should I Do?


What if you’re doing an LCHF diet but after an initial loss of weight you’ve hit a weight plateau? What should you do to start losing weight again?

The answer to his and other questions – for example, is dairy bad? – in this week’s Q&A with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt: Continue Reading →


“I Feel the Happiest, the Healthiest and the Most Confident I Have Ever Felt in My Life!”


Before and after

Bee finally managed to drop 57 lbs (26 kilos) when she found new advice and coaching at a free online group… here’s how it happened.

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“I Loved It!!”


So far this year more than 37,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

I really enjoyed the challenge. I lost about 5 lbs. (2 kg) and 2 inches (5 cm) off my waist. The thing I liked the very best was that I had zero cravings for sugar. I didn’t have any snacks between meals and was not hungry, ever!! Twice I even skipped breakfast.

I don’t have diabetes or other health problems but just want to lose 10 pounds (5 kg) and have a healthy diet.

I want to lose 10 more lbs. but plan to continue with lchf. I can’t think of anything that needs improvement.

Thank you very much.

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Malnutrition and Obesity Common in the World – at the Same Time!


Is it possible to be malnourished, anemic and obese at the same time? The answer is a definite yes according to the Global Nutrition Report.

How can obesity and malnourishment be common at the same time? The answer is that people in poorer countries to a large degree rely on cheap carbs drained of all nutrients. And more ironically – these foods are often even recommended.

We need to stop promoting bad carbs (like bread) as health foods and instead recommend higher quality foods to people who need them – like meat, natural fats and vegetables.

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Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin?

Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin? – Dr. Ted Naiman4.8 out of 5 stars5 star86%4 star9%3 star3%2 star0%1 star0%61 ratings6125:27

Is obesity mainly caused by the fat storing hormone insulin? And if so, why do many people still not agree at all?

As the dogma of Calories In, Calories Out is becoming more and more outdated, people like Dr. Ted Naiman sees tremendous results doing the opposite: Stop counting calories.

So what should you be doing if you want to lose weight? Dr. Naiman has the answer: Focus on lowering your insulin levels. And he shares the most effective ways to do it (low carb is just one of several important things).

As a practicing physician, Dr. Ted Naiman helps people find strategies that actually work and ways to improve your insulin sensitivity. In our interview, he explains what to do if you want to lose weight.

Watch it

The video is now available (with captions and transcript) on our member site:

Is Obesity Caused by Too Much Insulin? – Interview with Dr. Ted Naiman

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FDA Approves Bulimia Device as Treatment of Obesity

Bulimia device

The race to invent crazier and crazier weight loss methods doesn’t stop. But this one – just approved by the FDA – may be the craziest so far.

It’s a “bulimia device” called the AspireAssist, that allows you to lose weight like a bulimic without having to throw up. It accomplishes this by adding a new esophagus to your body – a new hole in your stomach, leading to a tube.

Like any person suffering from bulimia you’ll eat your food and then head for the bathroom. Some of the food you’ve eaten will then be poured into the toilet.

CBC News: FDA approves stomach-draining obesity treatment

In case you’re wondering, this is not a joke. Your doctor may now prescribe medicalized bulimia to “help” people lose weight.

Obviously recommending things like a low-carb diet or intermittent fasting would be way too extreme. Also, people not eating would be bad for the GNP. Way better to have people buy lots of food and then also buy the device to pour the food into the toilet.

It paints a beautiful future of unlimited profits for the food industry: soon people could be able to eat all the time.

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“Now I’ve Got the Rest of My Fantastic New Sugar-Free Life to Live!”

Before and after.

Before and after

My Westerdahl, also known as the LCHF engineer (link in Swedish), has been fighting her sugar addiction since childhood. LCHF is an essential ingredient in the recipe for her success, but My says it’s not enough.

Here’s how she succeeded and lost 208 lbs (94 kilos). Continue Reading →


“The Government’s Carb-Heavy Healthy Eating Guide Could Be CAUSING Obesity”

eatwellplate2In March the latest version of the official UK Eatwell Guide was publicized, recommending people to base their meals on bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. Dietary expert Dr. Zoe Harcombe has this to say:

I would call this the “EatBadly” plate rather than the “EatWell” plate.

The Government’s most recent recommendations could lead to both weight gain and type 2 diabetes according to Dr. Harcombe. And she points out that there is no credible evidence supporting the Eatwell Guide.

On a side note almost half of the reference group that assisted in designing the graphic for the Eatwell plate were representatives of the food industry.

MailOnline: The Government’s carb-heavy healthy eating guide could be CAUSING obesity and type 2 diabetes, nutritionist claims

Prima: Healthy eating guidelines come under fire again

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How Tommy Became Half the Man He Used to Be

4.7 out of 5 stars5 star82%4 star6%3 star6%2 star4%1 star0%47 ratings1,663 viewsIs it possible to lose half your body weight… and still keep it off six years later? With no surgery, just by changing your diet?

Tommy Runesson has done just that. During our interview on the recent Low Carb Cruise he shared his story and his best tips and tricks.

You can watch a segment of our interview above (transcript).

In the full 17-minute interview Runesson shares more on what has helped him succeed in his massive weight loss journey. It’s available on our member site:

Tommy Is Half the Man He Used to Be – Full interview

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The Engineer Who Knows More Than Your Doctor – Full Interview

4.9 out of 5 stars5 star91%4 star4%3 star1%2 star2%1 star0%83 ratings5,807 viewsCan an engineer know more about how to get healthy than his doctor, in fact more than his three doctors?

When it comes to using nutrition, the answer is yes. Meet Ivor Cummins, who quickly had to become an expert to cure himself.

Ivor Cummins is a well-trained problem solver. When blood tests showed liver problems – the very common issue fatty liver – Cummins set out to find the solution to the problem. He soon found it. Soon he had lost lots of weight and his liver problems were totally gone.

It all begged the question – why did an engineer quickly understand how to cure himself using nutrition, when none of his doctors could help him?

I interviewed Ivor Cummins recently and it’s a truly interesting and insightful story. The full interview has only been available on our member site, but now everyone can watch it above. Enjoy – and feel free to share it.

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