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Advanced Low-Carb Tips! – Interview with Dr. Eric Westman

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Are you having trouble on your low-carb diet, despite being experienced in all the basics?

Here’s a treat: Dr. Eric Westman, one of the world’s leading experts on low carb, tells us his best advanced low-carb tips.

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The full interview is now available (with captions and transcript) for members:

Advanced Low-Carb Tips! – Interview with Dr. Eric Westman

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The Top 8 Weight Loss Hacks

Everybody loves good hacks. There are ways to lose weight that have nothing to do with diet or exercise. While insulin is the main driver of obesity, there are many useful hacks that may help make good food choices.

Here are my top 8 weight loss hacks: Continue Reading →


“Thank You for Helping Me Find This Wonderful Path”

Before and after

Before and after

Bradley Cooper struggled with weight his whole life, and went down a slippery slope of almost becoming diabetic at one point.

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Can You Lose Weight If You Eat Only Potatoes?

Can you lose weight if you eat only a high-carb food, specifically only potatoes? Yes you can. In fact many people have successfully tried this trick.

Here’s one example, Andrew Taylor, 36 years old and Australian. He ate nothing but potatoes for six months (!) and dropped a whopping 94 lbs (43 kg).

He feels that the diet has helped him control his food addiction, in addition to losing weight.

Video report after 6 months of eating only potatoes

Losing weight on high carb?

So how is it possible to lose weight on a high-carb diet? And does this not invalidate the simplified carbs -> insulin -> obesity theory behind low-carb diets? Some opponents have claimed that.

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“It Just Feels Like Common Sense Now”

Before and after

Before and after

At the start of this year Mark came across the free low-carb challenge at Diet Doctor. This is what happened when he and his wife decided to take it together: Continue Reading →


Indian State Imposes “Fat Tax” – Here’s the Problem

The Indian state Kerala imposes what the media calls a “fat tax” on junk food served at fast food restaurants to combat obesity. And while it certainly is good that this tax is hitting junk food, the name “fat tax” is a quite misleading.

BBC News: Why Has an Indian State Imposed a ‘Fat Tax’?

Kerala is the first state in India to introduce a “fat tax” on burgers, pizzas, doughnuts and tacos served in branded restaurants.

All these products are equally full of bad carbs, and on top of that people usually drink sugar water with them. So the tax could conceivably just as well be called a “carb tax”.

The word choice shows how outdated paradigms about fat being the cause of obesity still pervade. Is there a better name for the tax? Maybe a “junk food tax”?

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“I Just Feel Too Terrific with the LCHF Lifestyle”


So far this year more than 40,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Hello Andreas,

I’ve enjoyed the challenge and lost about 7 lbs (3 kg). I do miss my cereals and fruit and find it more expensive to eat this way – also with a family. I am not a natural meat eater and fish is also expensive – previously I would eat more pulses which makes meals cheaper. I do have more energy though and feel pretty good and will continue perhaps in a less severe form.

Thank you so much for developing this and I wish I had found out years ago but then fat was being portrayed as bad to eat, i.e. butter, cream, etc. I am now 60 and feeling great! Keep on developing those recipes.

Best wishes,

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“I Am Now Looking Forward to Celebrating My 25th Wedding Anniversary in the Fall and Being Slim and Fit”

Before and after

Before and after

Helen shares the magic trick she used to drop 50 pounds (22 kg) and get slim for her wedding anniversary: Continue Reading →


Prevent Obesity by Starting Before Birth


To prevent childhood obesity, it may help to start before birth:

The New York Times: To Stem Obesity, Start Before Birth

Things that may help include both the mother and father staying at a good weight, breastfeeding the infant and avoiding antibiotic use for children unless absolutely necessary.

Perhaps most importantly, try to get rid of bad foods from the house, and model good eating habits. Because…

“If you do it, they’ll do it,” David S. Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston, said. “Young children are like ducklings, they want to do what their mothers [and fathers?] do.”

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“I Feel Better and My Head Feels Clearer”

Before and after

Rebecca became addicted to sugar already as a child, and since then it has been something that she has battled throughout her life. But it wasn’t until she read Bitten Jonsson’s book “The Sugar Bomb In Your Brain” (Swedish only) that she finally understood that she was a sugar addict.

Here’s how she at last came to find LCHF and the other tools to help her beat her addiction:
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