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Treatments That Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Cure or nu cure for type 2 diabetes

Do you want to know what treatments that cure – and don’t cure – type 2 diabetes?

Interestingly, conventional treatment is fully focused on treatments that don’t cure the disease, treatments that at best hide the symptoms, and can even make the disease worse.

On the other hand there are three treatments that cure the disease, two of them virtually without side effects, but they are rarely used.

As a practicing physician meeting these patients daily it’s fully understandable that Dr. Fung get’s frustrated with this unacceptable situation. Normally Godwin’s Law means that whoever mentions the Nazis in an argument automatically loses, but in this abnormal case it feels almost appropriate. Here’s his impassioned new blog post, well worth reading:

Dr. Jason Fung: Treatments that Cure Type 2 Diabetes


Of course there are some minor exceptions to the graph at the top. A few medications actually help cure the disease (however they are not often used yet). Continue Reading →


The Best Diets in Real Life? First Atkins, then Paleo and Dukan, Apparently


What are the best diets for losing weight in real life?

Withings, the makers of wireless scales, recently polled their users about what kind of diet – if any – they were following. They then correlated this information with the actual weight lost on the scale.

The results? Overall Atkins came in as the most effective diet, followed by Paleo and Dukan. Three low-carb diets at the top of all other diets… about the same as more rigorous scientific trials show.

Withings: Which diet will work for you?


Losing Weight and Reversing Diabetes – New Membership Video

Losing Weight and Reversing Diabetes

Is it possible to lose weight and reverse diabetes with a simple dietary change, even without adding any extra exercise? That’s exactly what Maureen Brenner did. Within a year she was off all her medications.

In this interview she describes her story, how it makes her feel and her best advice for other people who want to get started. Watch it on the membership site

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“Young Europeans May Die at Earlier Age Than Their Grandparents, Says WHO”

Rising obesity levels in Europe could shorten the life expectancy of a generation:

The Guardian: Young Europeans may die at earlier age than their grandparents, says WHO

Looking at the nice graphic above I can’t help but notice that my country Sweden is now one of the thinnest countries in Europe. This after more than five years when LCHF diets have been the most popular weight loss method around. The latest numbers – from earlier this year – even hint that the obesity epidemic could already be broken in Sweden:

Obesity is “Exploding” in Europe, Except in This Country


“Meet the Obese Teenagers Going Under the Knife”

Very sad reading:

TheGuardian: 30 stone at 13: meet the obese teenagers going under the knife

While some may be better off after the surgery, removing the healthy stomach organs of a generation of kids is not the solution to the obesity epidemic.

The obesity epidemic is caused by a sick environment filled with easily available sugar and refined carbs, plus mistaken simplistic beliefs about energy balance (sponsored by Coca Cola). Those are the things that must change.

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The American Obesity Epidemic Reaches a New Record

The Obesity Epidemic

The CDC just released new statistics over the American obesity epidemic, up to 2014. The result? It keeps getting worse.

Five states moved to a higher category compared to 2013, none moved in the other direction. Compared to the 80’s it’s a brand new world – and not in a good way.

The simplistic “eat less, move more” message is still not working. Nor is sudden unexplained gluttony or laziness the cause of the epidemic.

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The Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to break a weight plateau, lose weight faster – or make it easier to stay at a lower weight?

There’s now a high-quality video course with the top five tips for weight loss available in the membership section (free one month). But you can get a taste of the first five minutes here even without signing up. Just press play above. Hope you enjoy it!

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The Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight

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