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Meat, Pseudoscience and Why People Who Eat Their Placebo Are Healthier

Don’t worry too much about the health scares in the media. Here’s a very nice blog post by Gary Taubes about how uncertain the observational science behind them really is:

Taubes blogg: Science, Pseudoscience, Nutritional Epidemiology, and Meat (a short post, for Taubes)


CBS Sings the Praises of Fat (!)

This is pretty cool. CBS News, one of the biggest news programs in the world, just questioned whether fat is really bad (of course it’s not). They also interviewed Gary Taubes and the writer of the cool cookbook “Fat”. Can you feel the paradigm shift going on?

Read and comment on the news report.


The Taubes and Guyenet show goes on

Gary Taubes is back from a long blogging hiatus with an interesting post. As usual, when Gary writes he writes a lot. Even the title is long:

Within about five minutes Stephan Guyenet had his own new post up, detailing why Gary Taubes is wrong again:

They both have a few good points. But is this really just about the science? Continue Reading →


Diet Doctor: Rising star or fraud?

I just got a long blog post devoted to me by the blogger CarbSanity. I suppose I should feel honored, especially since she calls me a “rising star” promoting low carb diets. Unfortunately her blog seems mostly concerned with proving that everything Taubes says is wrong. Thus, of course, I must be wrong:

CarbSanity: Guyenet v. Taubes: Is There a Working Hypothesis for Obesity?

I found the arguments amusing. Inconvenient facts are by definition “irrelevant”. On the other hand, facts that support your position “falsifies” the alternative. Here are a few striking examples:  Continue Reading →


Guyenet, Taubes and why low carb works

After the recent fireworks at AHS, perhaps this should not come as a surprise. Neurobiologist and popular blogger Stephan Guyenet has posted on why he does not believe in (refined) carbohydrates as an important cause of obesity. Although he does acknowledge that a low carb diet is effective for making you lose weight.

Sound complicated? It is:

Whole Health Source: The Carbohydrate Hypothesis of Obesity – a Critical Examination

This makes me think of a common saying regarding forests and trees (thus the illustration). Let’s untangle this mess. Continue Reading →


AHS showdown: Gary Taubes vs Stephan Guyenet

Here is the most talked about, tweeted and blogged moment of the Ancestral Health Symposium, captured on film. Two stars colliding.

Stephan Guyenet has just finished his talk on “food reward” being a major cause of obesity. Gary Taubes, the undisputed champion of the “carbs->insulin->fat” camp, steps up to the microphone for the start of Q&A…

[UPDATED WITH VIDEO] Continue Reading →


Gary Taubes at Google

Here is a fairly new lecture by Gary Taubes on the topic of Why We Get Fat, the title of his last book. Taubes is doing the lecture at Google which is pretty cool. Another thing that is cool is that he is using a few slides I designed for him last year after meeting him at the ASBP/NMS conference in Seattle. At the time it felt like a U2-fan (me) getting to show Bono (him) some new tricks. Weird.

Taubes might be brilliant, but he has a tendency (as he knows) of cramming too much information/details into his lectures, and too much text into his slides. Very common tendencies of course, but still unfortunate.

I have a few other ideas about this lecture but I’d like to hear yours first: What are the strongest of Taubes’s arguments in the lecture and what are the weaknesses? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments.


Gary Taubes on LCC 2012

None other than Gary Taubes just confirmed he will be a guest speaker on the 2012 Low Carb Cruise! Just brilliant. Other exciting new names: Robb Wolf, Denise Minger and Jeff Volek.

Time to start saving?


Gary Taubes’ cholesterol profile

Gary Taubes posted his cholesterol profile today. Now, had he allowed the test on the Dr Oz show that would have been even better, as his numbers are basically perfect.

On Huffington Post there is a blog today on Taubes’ new NY Times article on sugar. Dr Katz, director of the Yale Research Center, basically argues that since sugar tastes so good it should not be bad for us. That is after mentioning that there is sugar in breast milk so sugar should be just fine, later acknowledging that breast milk actually contains lactose, not sucrose… read it only if you want to waste ten minutes of your life:

David Katz, M.D., Sugar Isn’t Evil: A Rebuttal

More: Apparently dr Katz’s foundation (objective: “to combat the obesity and diabetes epidemics”) is sponsored by Hershey chocolate bars. Bizarre.


Taubes in NYT: Is sugar toxic?

Here is a loong new article in New York Times by Gary Taubes: Is sugar toxic?

There are no big news for those who have already read everything on the subject, but it’s still a good article. The viral lecture by Lustig that is mentioned can be seen here (it’s excellent):