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Your iPhone Gives You Cancer – But Protects You From Malaria!


*** Warning – irony below! ***

Do you have an iPhone? Beware: according to new studies, having an iPhone increases your risk for breast and prostate cancer!

However, your iPhone will protect you from infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and HIV. Hence, you don’t need to take malaria prophylaxis when traveling with your iPhone.

The above has been proven in many new scientific studies on cell phone habits among millions of people around the world. The map above is one example. Areas with many cell phones show an increased risk for cancer, while areas with few cell phones show an increased risk for malaria and certain other infections.


South Africa is tragically hard hit by HIV, despite many cell phones. This is the “South African Paradox”. Researchers speculate that perhaps wine drinking offers protection. Continue Reading →


Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition


What are the biggest lies mistakes of mainstream nutrition? The things that people believe about diet and health that just aren’t true? Here’s a great list:

Authority Nutrition: Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

I would add two more silly mistakes:


Why Calorie Counters are Confused


We’ve all been brainwashed about calories.

A few years ago I believed it myself. Losing weight was exclusively about “consuming less calories than you expend”. The mantra was: “eat less, run more”.

Fat people’s problems – I believed – came from them eating more calories than they expended. They were gluttonous and slothful; they lacked strength of character, which meant that thin people like me had such strength of character. This was uplifting news to me, if a bit prejudiced.

This way of looking at things seemed so obvious and simple. Today however, more and more people realizing how inane it is. Soon we’ll look back and laugh at the silliness.  Continue Reading →


The Weight of the Nation: More In(s)anity


"Go ahead, eat your candy and cake"

I just saw the second episode of HBO’s “Weight of the Nation”. Oh, boy. Did they really have to burn money on producing a glitzy show with the exact same failed message that everybody has already heard X number of times before?

You know, the exact same advice that has failed us through the entire obesity epidemic. The same advice that repeatedly (at least 17 times so far) turns out to be the least effective when actually subjected to scientific tests. In a word, crap advice.

You guessed it: it’s all about desperately trying to ignore your hunger, counting your calories and eating “balanced diets”. And a balanced diet is as usual defined seemingly without a shred of science involved. A balanced diet is basically what the “experts” believe that you should eat.

This is the worst part: Any junk food can in theory be “part of a healthy balanced diet”. In fact, you shouldn’t even attempt to quit the junk food. You’re actually warned from even trying! Check it out: Continue Reading →


Prejudice at Work: Fat Cops Face Pay Cuts


Cheap junk food – worse than a high salary?

England, Europe’s fattest country, has big problems. More than one in five police officers are obese and the problem is getting worse. Meanwhile, proposals for solutions are getting stupider. Pay cuts are now proposed for police officers who fail to lose weight.

Evening Standard: Police face the sack for being fat

This is yet another sad manifestation of today’s ignorance and prejudice against people with weight problems. The problem will hardly be solved by kicking harder on the afflicted, neither with pay cuts nor with insults. That the latter is a real past proposal by the British health minister is just mindblowing.

Obesity is more common in poor people and cheap junk food (like sugar and starches) is probably the biggest cause. Lowering the salaries of the victims will hardly help.

When this initiative doesn’t make fat people slim, what will be next? Restaurants where fat people are not allowed? Buses they may not ride in? Park benches they aren’t allowed to sit on? Where will it end?


The problem with a balanced diet

Balanced meal

You think this is a joke? Think again.

The problem with the fuzzy thinking about “balanced” diets is that it’s a perfect excuse to eat anything. The junk food industry loves this argument, for obvious reasons.