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Encouraging Reviews


How did I do in my attempt at representing the Swedish LCHF movement at the obesity conference in Philadelphia recently? Pretty good, if you can trust the reviews I was just sent in an email.

Here’s what the participating physicians (and others) thought about my two presentations. Summarizing reviews as PDF files:

Comments such as “The best speaker I’ve ever seen” and “Will stick in my brain forever” are encouraging. Not everyone was quite as positive, but even the slightly critical ones were nicer than my presentation coach Pontus (he probably would have said that they don’t know any better).

The lectures will hopefully be available online in the future, and you’ll be able to read about it here on the blog when it happens.  Continue Reading →


No More Doc

It’s time to say goodbye to Doc. When I started discussing the low-carb diet on the internet in 2005-2006 I called myself “Doc”. The moniker has stayed with me, even after I “came out” with a Q & A column under my own name on another Swedish low-carb forum in February of 2007, and then on my Swedish blog in December 2007.

Now the time has come to end the tradition of using “Doc” as my signature in the comments. It is passed its sell-by date and may be confusing for new readers. From now on I plan to answer only as Andreas Eenfeldt.

If you too are thinking about changing your own name when you comment – for example for an increased transparency and credibility  - I’m all for it.


Coming Up Next Week: Obesity Conference in Philadelphia!


Next week I’ll be in Philadelphia for the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) Spring Conference (obesity doctors).

It’ll be my fifth year attending the conference, and the interest in a low-carb diet as a treatment for obesity is clearly growing every year. Having pro-low-carb Dr. Eric Westman as new president for the ASBP doesn’t hurt either.

This year will be the first time that I’ll be presenting myself. I’ll do two talks, 45 minutes each. One is about insulin and weight regulation, the other about the reasons behind the extraordinary popularity of low-carb diets in Sweden.

If you want to travel on short notice to Philadelphia on March 12-16th, 2014, you are welcome to join us!

ASBP Spring Obesity Conference 2014

Obviously there’ll be reports here from the conference.

Continue Reading →


New Visitor Records!


The number of visitors to just keeps increasing. In January we had over half a million visitors for the month!

Specifically, the number of visitors was 510,000, which is up 153% from the same period last year.

Welcome to all new readers!

Another Record

The original Swedish version of,, broke a new visitor record with over a million visitors, making it one of the biggest blogs in Sweden. This English version is growing faster though…


Fifty Thousand Facebook Fans

The number of people liking the Diet Doctor Facebook page just passed 50 000, after lots of people arrived from CBC News yesterday. Not bad. Welcome to all newcomers!

How did you find your way here?


Best of 2013


This past year was full of exciting health-related news. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights: Continue Reading →


Panel Discussion on the Fight Against Sugar

Here’s a panel discussion on the fight against sugar featuring, among others, myself and sugar’s enemy number one, ie Professor Robert Lustig.

The discussion took place last month at a health conference in Oslo. The other participants are Dr. Espen Rostrup (a solid rock in the Norwegian diet debate – when he dives in) and Tone Glestad from the Norwegian Center for Sugar Addiction. Together we discussed health problems from sugar consumption, as well as weak and strong points in Lustig’s message.

You can also watch Dr. Lustig’s excellent talk from Oslo “Fight Against Sugar” on YouTube. It’s almost identical to his new YouTube talk from October, “Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0″.


Strategic Planning Days for Diet Doctor


Last week we had two planning days for those working on and its Swedish version.

At the meeting were my brother Johan, who takes care of IT development, my spouse Kristin, who manages everything and everyone, Inger Swanberg and Marina Yudanov, who, among other things, translate some of the information for, Leopold Roos, who moderates the Swedish discussion forum and Bjarte Bakke, who helps as a strategic consultant. A page with a more detailed presentation of everyone will be coming.

After two days of focused planning for the future my brain did hurt a little. But with such a team and so many great ideas we’ll go far.

The goal is set high: Inspiring millions of people to revolutionize their health.


Diet Doctor To Give Talk at ASBP 2014


Next year I’ll be giving two talks at the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) Spring Conference.

The conference usually has a lot to offer for those interested in non-surgical weight-loss treatment. If you want to travel to Philadelphia on March 12-16th, 2014, you are welcome to join us! Continue Reading →


A New Record Number of Visitors


The interest in the food revolution just keeps increasing.

The Swedish government agency SBU (Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment) released their expert inquiry last week, including the conclusion that a low-carb diet produces more rapid weight loss – and better health markers!

This was a historic day, that will certainly have an impact on the future treatment of obesity in Sweden. As a bonus the news produced a major visitor record for my Swedish blog: over 73,000 visitors in one day. Not bad in a small country!

Above you can see the number of daily visits to since the start in 2007. The number of visitors is increasing and the website is already one of Sweden’s most read blogs, all categories included. But I think this is just the beginning.

More and more people are spreading the knowledge. Together we’ll make great things happen. In Sweden, and around the world.