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“You Have Diabetes and You Are Going to Have It for the Rest of Your Life”

Drugs or food

Drugs or food

Do you have to settle for being sick and taking more and more medications if you get type 2 diabetes?

Yet another person, who didn’t settle for this is Torbjörn Kadebro. Here’s his story about the dietary change he made on his own – and what happened at his checkup with his diabetes nurse: Continue Reading →


“The Verdict Was Medication for At Least 10 Years”

The image does not represent the writer

The image does not represent the email sender

Is medication the only alternative for epilepsy? No. A strict low-carb diet is an accepted and effective treatment for children with epilepsy, who cannot be treated in any other way.

But why only try a dietary change when nothing else works?

I got an email from Emma, 20, who suffered an epileptic seizure in her teenage years. Here’s her story about what happened when she chose a different alternative on her own: Continue Reading →


The Food Industry’s Own Studies Reveal the Risks with Sugar

A small, but tempting image

A small, but tempting image

Do you deserve to treat yourself to bad health today?

A new review of high-quality scientific studies shows yet again that sugar isn’t only bad for weight. Sugar is NOT just empty calories.

Sugar also has pronounced negative effects on health markers, such as blood pressure and blood lipids.

The New Zealand Herald: Sugar directly linked to heart disease – report

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Don’t Forget Your Checkups on LCHF!


Do you need to go in for your checkups if you, as a diabetic, eat LCHF and have improved your blood sugar dramatically?

I received an e-mail from a physician about this: Continue Reading →


Is It Possible to Recover from Hypothyroidism?

Before and after

Before and after

Is it possible to recover from hypothyroidism? Most people on thyroid hormone treatment need to continue this for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a story about an exception named Julia: Continue Reading →


“I Didn’t Think the Results Would Come This Soon”

Before and after

Before and after

I just received an email from Annie, 26, who had been always been overweight. Here’s what happened in just three months on LCHF: Continue Reading →


“LCHF Has Set Me Free”

Before and after

Before and after

Can you eat yourself free from a severe inflammatory bowel disease, that could otherwise lead to the need for a bowel resection, resulting in a life with a colostomy?

Nobody knows for sure yet – there are no studies. But more and more stories point in the same direction as Bella’s.

Here’s an email I received recently:


You may call me Bella, and I’m 24 happy years young!

During the winter, in my third high-school year, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which makes the body “reject” the colon. One could liken it to having a relapsing cold sore on the inside of parts, or the entire, intestinal wall. In the beginning there wasn’t much in the way of symptoms. Two years later I suffered a relapse that ended in a week at the hospital, where doctors were just hours from removing the entire colon and replacing it with an ostomy pouch.

After years of Remicade and Humira, I met a co-worker at my summer job, who told me about the stone age, gluten and an LCHF/paleo diet. I’ve experimented with changing my diet in the past and I had no faith that this would help me, but after allergic reactions from Humiran they wanted to put me on Imurel (a chemotherapy drug), so I thought that “I had nothing to lose except my bowel and you can do without it”. I compared a life without a colon to a life where I had to undergo testing at the hospital every week, endure a lot of side effects and being banned from sun bathing.

I asked to go off Humira and instead wait before starting taking Remicade and Imurel until I started to experience symptoms. My doctor was an angel and agreed to let me go without for a while, as long as I had blood and stool testing done every four weeks.

Changing eating habits is difficult and takes time, but I embraced LCHF with all my heart (and my gut). After 6 months, when it was assumed that all pharmaceutical effect from the drugs had run out, I went in for a check-up with my doctor, who was surprised. He thought that I should “continue whatever I was doing” and continue to get tested regularly. After another 6 months I didn’t have to test as often and three weeks ago I had another follow-up visit. My doctor just wanted to inform me that I now didn’t have to do any more testing as long as I promised to let him know if I feel sick. I’ve now been free as a bird for 1 year and 9 months.

Others claim that diet has no impact and that the disease goes into relapse, making it quite possible to get sick again at any time. But if I cheat every day for four days with gluten in particular, I come down with symptoms right away! LCHF makes me free! Continue Reading →


How a Diet Change Can Free People from Epilepsy

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.11.21
Can you cure your epilepsy without medication? Yes, this seems possible for many. At least you can keep the disease in remission long term with a change in lifestyle – without the need for strong drugs or their side effects.

Here’s Michel Lundell’s story:

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Police Officer Losing Weight and Sugar Addiction with LCHF

Before and after

Before and after

I received an e-mail from police officer Maykel in Florida, who struggled with weight and sugar addiction. Here’s his story about what happened when he found LCHF: Continue Reading →


Yet Another Study Showing Better Blood Sugar for Diabetics on a Lower-Carb Diet


Actually, it’s obvious. If diabetics eat less of what is broken down to sugar (carbohydrates) their blood sugar levels improve.

It’s been shown in many studies already and now there’s one more. More details here:

American Diabetes Association: Weight Loss, Glycemic Control, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Response to Differential Diet Composition in a Weight Loss Program in Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Reuters: Weight loss plan better than usual diet for diabetes patients

Continuing to advise a high-carb diet for diabetics – without updating knowledge – is irresponsible. It seriously hurts sick people.

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