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The Book of the Year


It’s out. The book “Fat Chance” by professor Robert Lustig, the man who made millions of people watch a 90 minutes long lecture on nutrition (“Sugar, The Bitter Truth”). Lustig has the ability to make a subject exciting and his message could not be more important.

I’m reading the book right now and I’ll return with a more thorough review. But I want to tell you right now. While it’s only January 5th and while I haven’t yet finished the first read-through I’m already certain: This is the book of the year.

Do you want to know:

  • Why a calorie is not a calorie?
  • Why obesity is not about gluttony or sloth?
  • What the real problem is with sugar and processed food?
  • The cause of the epidemics of obesity and related diseases?

Here’s the answer (it starts with the letter “i”) in a fascinating read and with a concluding list of scientific references that should make the most inveterate critic give up.

Read the first pages for free on


Interview: Good Food is Good Medicine

Here’s the first of several interviews with experts on low carb nutrition. First out: “Denver’s Diet Doctor” – dr Jeffry Gerber, MD. This was recorded at the ASBP obesity conference in Denver back in April.

Dr Gerber, like me, is a family physician specializing in treating patients with obesity, diabetes and other metabolic problems. He’s also a super nice guy. So what’s it like being a doctor treating patients with advice on high fat and Paleo diets? Listen and find out!

Dr Jeffry Gerber’s website


What’s Wrong with the Diet of Today?


Professor Loren Cordain

Why do so many people get obesity, diabetes and heart disease today? Perhaps the answer lies in evolution. But amazingly “modern” nutrition science pretty much ignores human evolution.

It’s been 153 years since Charles Darwin published his revolutionary book On the Origin of Species – but nutrition science hasn’t yet noticed. That’s why they’re stuck at a medieval level. That’s why dietitians usually are no help for people suffering from obesity or diabetes.

Professor Loren Cordain is perhaps the worlds number one expert on the evolution of the human diet. Here are a a few of his slides from the recent ASBP obesity conference. They tell us a lot: Continue Reading →