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Sugar with Your Milk?


A reader sent me the above picture, from a vacation trip to Tenerife. Milk was ordered for the kids and it came with two packages of sugar.

Do you think this was a mistake? Or do we assume that all kids are already little sugar addicts? Continue Reading →


Naturally Fat-Free Sugar

Fat free sugar

Photo: Kelley I

Sugar is “Naturally Fat Free” according to this proud Target brand.

So, of course, are cigarettes. And arsenic. And land mines.


Panel Discussion on the Fight Against Sugar

Here’s a panel discussion on the fight against sugar featuring, among others, myself and sugar’s enemy number one, ie Professor Robert Lustig.

The discussion took place last month at a health conference in Oslo. The other participants are Dr. Espen Rostrup (a solid rock in the Norwegian diet debate – when he dives in) and Tone Glestad from the Norwegian Center for Sugar Addiction. Together we discussed health problems from sugar consumption, as well as weak and strong points in Lustig’s message.

You can also watch Dr. Lustig’s excellent talk from Oslo “Fight Against Sugar” on YouTube. It’s almost identical to his new YouTube talk from October, “Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0″.


Robert Lustig’s New Talk on Sugar!

Recently a new 90 minute talk with professor Robert Lustig was posted on YouTube (his most watched – “Sugar, the Bitter Truth“ from 2009 – has 4 millions views).

You can see the new one above. It’s almost identical to his talk in Oslo that I attended yesterday. Well worth watching, even before Will Smith makes a surprise appearance!

See the talk for more on why sugar is a potential poison.


Sugar Shock in Oslo


I’m in Oslo, Norway, for a conference featuring professor Robert Lustig among others. Here’s the minibar in my hotel room. This is the largest pile of sweet candy that I’ve ever seen in a hotel room. Are Norwegians bigger sugar junkies than others?


Another Train Wreck: Heart & Stroke Foundation Recommends Eating Candy


Here’s another nutritional advice train wreck. The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation allows their “Health Check” symbol to be put on candy. Why? As far as I can tell because the candy uses the word “fruit” in its name.

CTV News: Ottawa doctor says Heart and Stroke Foundation is misleading parents over a “Health Check” product

Putting the spotlight on this insanity is one of my heroes, dr Yoni Freedhoff. Here are two recent posts from his blog:

The Heart and Lung Foundation put out a press release saying that they are trying to develop a “comprehensive position” on sugar and will be soliciting international experts to help out. Meanwhile they’ll keep recommending candy.

Here’s dr Freedhoff’s comment:

So what exactly do the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check Registered Dietitians do for the Foundation if Health Check needs to ask for outside help to determine whether or not endorsing fruit juice gummis that are themselves 80% sugar by weight with virtually no associated nutrition is a good idea?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if your organization needs international experts to tell them selling candy as a health food is a bad idea, perhaps you might want to consider the possibility that there’s something wrong with your organization’s own expertise.

I’d rephrase that last message for the Heart and Stroke Foundation:

If your organization believes that selling candy as a health food is OK, then your organization has zero credibility.

Bottom line: choose. You can have the candy money or you can have credibility. You can’t have both.

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Sugar: Sweet With a Bitter Aftertaste

Here’s another great short video (4 minutes) on the dangers of sugar, this one from a Swiss bank! It asks the question whether it was really a good idea to vilify saturated fat and eat more sugar instead. Paradigm shift in progress.

Read the entire report from the Credit Suisse Research Institute:

Global Trends: Is Sugar Turning the Economy Sour?


Kids’ Birthday Party With No Added Sugar


Can you have a birthday party with no added sugar for kids? Without the soda and candy?

My daughter turned two recently, and we threw a birthday party. You can see the cake above, but what’s inside it? Continue Reading →


Aggressive Children with Attention Problems Drink Lots of Soda


Can soda and junk food agitate children? Do soda and junk food induce ADHD-like symptoms? Here’s some more fuel for that fire.

A recent study showed that American children who drink lots of soda have more issues with aggressive behaviour and attention problems:

Soft Drinks Consumption Is Associated with Behavior Problems in 5-Year-Olds

As usual, this data alone won’t prove that children become disruptive or difficult specifically from drinking soda. This correlation could point to any problem prevalent in families who buy lots of soda. Perhaps the core issue is quickly metabolised, nutrient-poor junk food in general? Continue Reading →


The Secrets of Sugar – Great New Canadian Documentary

Here’s a great new episode called The Secrets of Sugar, from Canada’s investigative program the fifth estate on CBC.

Watch it for your weekly dose of dr Lustig and new research on the links between sugar, obesity, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Shownotes: CBC: The Secrets of Sugar

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