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Low-Carb Lamb Sliders


Do you want an alternative to the classic beef burger? Here’s an option. Ideally add a high-fat sauce of your choice, to make it even more satisfying and to get the fat percentage up – then it can qualify as strict LCHF.

These tasty lamb burgers are a great change of pace from classic beef burgers. Enjoy this recipe grilled for summer time flavor, or pan seared. We love these burgers served either wrapped in lettuce, or over a big greek salad.

Ingredients, 4 servings

1 lb ground lamb
½ tsp Himalayan pink sea salt
½ tsp black pepper
¼ yellow onion, finely diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 sprigs fresh oregano, leaves only, minced
1 lemon zest, the zest of one whole lemon
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LCHF – Or Is It?


Here’s what one of our Swedish readers had after giving “LCHF” as his dietary preference at a conference. Not quite 100% correct.

Everyone in Sweden knows about LCHF, but apparently not everyone knows exactly what it means.


Paleopathology and the Origins of Low Carb

Dr. Michael Eades - Paleopathology

What does the history of early humans and Egyptian mummies have to do with the origins of the low-carb diet? This is all woven together into an entertaining story by one of the true low-carb pioneers, Dr. Michael Eades.

Dr. Eades’ talk at the LCHF convention earlier this year was one of the most talked about. Especially his interest in Egyptian mummies and the finding of obesity and severe heart disease in this population eating… well, just about what any conventional nutritionist have been recommending for decades: plenty of carbs (mostly wheat), very little sugar, very little fat.

You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars, or you can see the talk on our member pages with much else (free trial one month, then $9 per month, cancel at any time).

Paleopathology and the Origins of Low Carb

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Cholesterol Numbers After Six Years on a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet


Tommy Runesson

What happens to cholesterol numbers on a long-term high-fat diet?

My fellow Swede Tommy Runesson lost 200 pounds on an LCHF diet, starting six years ago. He continues to eat a very strict LCHF diet (examples can be seen daily on his blog) combined with some intermittent fasting.

So what happens to the cholesterol on this high-saturated-fat diet? Apparently only good things. Runesson has checked his levels every year and just published his six-year results:


lchf 6 years

Far right column showing latest results in US units

Everything looking good!

Of course this is only one person, and it’s only six years. What happens after that? I can tell you what happened to me:

My Health Markers After Eight Years on LCHF


Sugar May Increase the Risk of Type ONE Diabetes Too

Future type 1 diabetic?

Most people know that sugar consumption increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. But it may also increase the risk of type ONE diabetes. Several studies have found that children consuming large amounts of refined carbohydrates and/or sugar have an increased risk of type 1 diabetes [1 2 3].

This new study shows that kids who consume a lot of sugar also progress faster from early signs of the disease (detectable antibodies to beta cells) to full-blown type 1 diabetes:

Diabetologia: Sugar intake is associated with progression from islet autoimmunity to type 1 diabetes: the Diabetes Autoimmunity Study in the Young

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Just One Can of Soda Daily “Can Increase Heart Attack Risk By A Third”

Soda drinker?

Soda drinker?

Drinking soda likely increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease significantly. This according to a just published review of the available science, from Harvard School of Public Health.

The Telegraph: One can of fizzy drink daily ‘can increase heart attack risk by a third’

Of course the effect of soda drinking on heart disease is still mainly based on statistical data, so there’s a lot of uncertainty to the size of the effect. But anything that leads to obesity and diabetes likely increases the risk of heart disease too, so it makes perfect sense.


Demonization and Deception in Cholesterol Research – Great New Presentation by Professor David Diamond

Have you heard that saturated fat has been wrongly accused, starting with the shenanigans of Ancel Keys? Or that a total cholesterol number is not very helpful for determining risk of heart disease? Or that the benefits of statins have been vastly exaggerated?

Probably all these facts are familiar to you already. But I’d still recommend to watch this new presentation by Professor David Diamond. I’ve heard this story many times but still found the presentation well-worth watching. Not only does Professor Diamond bring up new details to the story, he also does it in great style and with lots of (sometimes dark) humor.

Statin humor

A quick example, which of these drug ads would make you most likely to have a pill a day for the rest of your life?


Obviously the left ad is the original one, for the biggest blockbuster drug of all time. Amazingly the right ad may be a more honest and transparent way to present the exact same study finding.

The 1 percent number is the real chance that the drug will benefit you, over many years of taking it (without even mentioning the risk of side effects).

Could you even imagine a drug company printing the more honest right ad? It would look like a joke.


The True Story of the Man Behind the Atkins Diet

Jackie Eberstein

Everybody has heard about the Atkins diet – it’s by far the best-known low-carb diet in history. But what was the man behind the diet – Dr. Robert Atkins – really like? And what happened at his Manhattan clinic?

Here’s Dr. Atkins’ fascinating story as told by Jacqueline Eberstein, RN. She was one of Dr. Atkins’ closest co-workers during the last three decades of his life.

The story starts out with her ending up at a job interview with Dr. Atkins, despite not really wanting to work with him. The problem was she thought he was a quack – and she told him so! His reply was the start of a long time working together, all the way to his death.

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