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The Top Videos About Sugar

Why is sugar bad for you and why should you avoid it? What is sugar addiction? And what steps should be taken to combat this public health threat?

These are important questions in today’s society where you can find added sugar in large amounts everywhere over the whole world.

Here are our top videos about sugar, with the answers to those questions and more.

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“The Big Fat Fix” Movie Review


If you are interested in taking back control of your health – eat fat! That’s the message of ‘unconventional’ British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, the great crusader against the sugar and processed ‘fake’ foods that are destroying the health of the world, but more importantly, your health.

bffHe has just released a fantastic new movie called The Big Fat Fix, which is available here for online streaming for only $4.99.

Aseem and Donal O’Neill, behind the terrific films ‘Cereal Killers’ and ‘Cereal Killers 2 – Run on Fat’ have documented their trip to the forgotten Italian village of Pioppi to learn the origins of the Mediterranean diet. This film goes past diet alone as they key to the Mediterranean diet and really explores all aspects of the lifestyle that make it such a healthy way to live. Continue Reading →


Huge Drop in Soda Consumption After Berkeley “Soda Tax”

soda tax

Does anybody still doubt that a soda tax would have a big impact on consumption?

If so, think again. Soda consumption has quickly plummeted by 26% in Berkeley – the city that recently implemented the first US “soda tax”. This while other cities close by have increased their consumption.

The difference is even greater in “sports drinks” (which really just are sugary drinks in disguise).

Los Angeles Times: Berkeley Sees a Big Drop in Soda Consumption After Penny-Per-Ounce ‘Soda Tax’

Mexico has also recently seen a big drop in soda consumption after they implemented a soda tax.

One study investigating statistical correlations, predicts that a national soda tax in the US might save $23.6 billion in healthcare costs. Of course this is just based on statistics and educated guesses, but it could very well be true.

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US Dietary Guidelines Being Investigated – by Government Insiders

$1 million for government insiders to investigate the government's own policies?

$1 million for government insiders to investigate their own nutrition policies?

Late last year, the US Congress demanded a review of the low-fat Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This due to well-founded concerns that they are based on obsolete ideas, and that the guidelines have failed completely to prevent obesity and diabetes.

Unfortunately, it now seems like the review will be carried out by government insiders with very little interest in changing the status quo. The number of members of the proposed panel with alternative viewpoints on important topics? Zero.

Fortunately it’s still possible to make your voice heard:

Nutrition Coalition: Stop the National Academy of Medicine from Stacking the Panel on Dietary Guidelines With Government Officials

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Dr. Mosley About the Misguided War on Fat


Listen to this great episode on BBC radio featuring Dr. Mosley. He excellently explains why the war on fat has been completely misguided, why sugar is dangerous and why we got it all wrong.

This link goes straight to the start of the interesting segment:

BBC Radio: The Danger of Sugar

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The Most Common Low-Carb Questions and Answers


What do you do if you’re not losing weight on low carb? And how do you stop losing weight? Is it dangerous to be in ketosis? Are cheat days OK?

Some questions about low carb are very common. On this new page you can find the answers:

The Most Common Low-Carb Questions and Answers


ZERO Added Sugar to Children Below the Age of 2, Recommends the American Heart Association

Maybe giving sugar to your child isn't such a great idea

Not recommended

The new recommendations about sugar and kids from the American Heart Association is out. After reviewing the science they recommend ZERO added sugar to children below the age of two, for health reasons.

The AHA also recommends limiting intake to less than 25 grams a day (6 teaspoons) for older children. And a maximum of one sugar-sweetened beverage per week.

Of course, this is far less sugar than most kids today consume.

While the AHA still adhere to an outdated fear of natural fats, at least it’s good that they are getting very aware of the health dangers of added sugar.

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Can Unstable Blood Sugar Lead to Sugar Binges?

Ask Bitten Jonsson

Can blood sugar swings lead to sugar binges?

This and other questions (do antidepressants increase hunger?) are answered this week by our food addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

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Donal O’Neill Shares the Story Behind His Low-Carb Movies in BJSM


Donal O’Neill, a well-known low-carb producer, tells the interesting story behind his movie making in the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

BJSM: Behind the front page/special features: Comments by film maker Donal O’Neill ‘Cereal Killers’, ‘Run on Fat’ and ‘The Big Fat Fix’

O’Neill has produced movies like Cereal Killers, Run on Fat and The Big Fat Fix (which is “the final word in the fight against dietary misinformation” according to Men’s Fitness).

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Breaking Up with Sugar Addiction

Karen Thomson - "I'm a Sugar Addict" (SD 2016)4.7 out of 5 stars5 star84%4 star9%3 star2%2 star0%1 star4%44 ratings4421:28

What is it like being a sugar addict? And what is it like to struggle to break free from it?

In this presentation from the recent Low Carb USA conference Karen Thomson, former model and a recovering cocaine and sugar addict, talks about her personal journey to quitting sugar (and other drugs). For her a big part of the solution was starting to eat an LCHF diet.

It’s really one of the most powerful talks of the entire conference.

Watch it

You can now watch it on our member pages, including captions and transcript:

Breaking Up With Sugar Addiction – Karen Thomson

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