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The Doctor Who Changes the Way We Look at Fat


Is it the calories or insulin that causes us to gain weight? Why should we not fear eating more natural fat? And how can we eat to keep disease at bay? Dr. Aseem Malhotra answers these questions in this new article about his views on food and lifestyle as medicine.

Evening Standard: The Big Fat Fix: Meet the Diet Doctor Changing the Way We Eat

Dr. Malhotra just released a film (The Big Fat Fix) together with Donal O’Neill.

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Butter Is Back – and Here’s a Butter Boutique

Is this the ultimate sign that butter is back? In Malton, England, Lucy and Stephen Briden-Kenny has opened the store Butterbees that only sells one product – yes you guessed it right, butter!

Gazette & Herald: Be Buttered Up by New Shop

Fresh and locally produced butter should be a staple in every low carbers fridge. It’s healthy and keeps you satisfied for long periods of time. At Butterbees you can get delicious flavored butters like garlic and rosemary, and sweet honey for special occasions. Doesn’t it sound delicious?

Check out our best butter recipes below.

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Dr. Aseem Malhotra Says the Future of Healthcare Is Lifestyle Medicine

Here’s a new TV interview with Dr. Aseem Malhotra talking about his newly released film “The Big Fat Fix”, and how diet and lifestyle can be immensely more powerful in treating disease than drugs.


The Big Fat Fix Movie Released Today!


A Quick Guide to Ketogenic Diets

A ketogenic diet (keto) is a very low-carb diet, that turns the body into a fat-burning machine. It has many potential benefits for weight loss, health and performance. But there are also potential drawbacks and side effects.

A ketogenic diet is similar to other strict low-carb diets, like the Atkins diet or LCHF (low carb, high fat). These diets often end up being ketogenic more or less by accident. The main difference between strict LCHF and keto is that protein is restricted in the latter.

A keto diet is designed specifically to result in ketosis. It’s possible to measure and adapt to reach optimal ketone levels for health, weight loss, or for physical and mental performance.

On our brand new guide page you can learn all you need to do that.

A Quick Guide to Ketogenic Diets

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Low Carb for Families

Low Carb for Families

Planning, shopping and cooking food for an entire family is often a quite time-consuming task. When starting low carb you could find yourself increasing that time, if you end up cooking different things for yourself and the rest of your family.

But it does not have to be like that. There are good options for the whole family. Here are our best suggestions:

Low Carb for Families


Do You Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight?

4.8 out of 5 stars5 star89%4 star3%3 star3%2 star0%1 star3%59 ratings2,116 viewsDo you have to count calories to lose weight? No, of course not. But WHY is the answer no, and WHY do most scientists and people in the media still not get this?

There’s nobody better on the planet to explain this simply than Dr. Jason Fung. He’s a phenomenon.

You can watch a segment from our video interview above (transcript). The full interview is available on our member site:

Do You Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight? – Dr. Jason Fung

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The Big Fat Fix Movie Released Today!

The Big Fat Fix, the excellent new documentary about the failed low-fat ideas of the past and how to really get healthy, is now released.

The last word in the fight against dietary misinformation.
– Men’s Health
Both Donal O’Neill and Dr. Aseem Malhotra star in this film.

Donal is the brain behind the movie Cereal Killers which has been called “One of the top 10 movies that could change the world”, and Dr. Aseem is known as “a leading global voice in the fight against obesity.”

Now they’ve teamed up and the result is a great independent movie – financed via a successful Kickstarter campaign. I highly recommend it.

The movie goes way beyond the benefits of low-carb and high-fat diets, into other lifestyle factors that are also important for a long, happy, healthy life.

You can buy it for streaming ($4.99) or download here:

The Big Fat Fix

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How to Get Into Great Shape Without Exercise

Darryl Edwards - Get in Great Shape Without Exercise (LCC 2016)4.6 out of 5 stars5 star77%4 star8%3 star14%2 star0%1 star0%35 ratings3535:32

Is it possible to get into great shape, even if you hate exercise? Yes. There could be a way.

In this interview from this year’s Low-Carb Cruise, Darryl Edwards – the Fitness Explorer – talks about his own health journey and explains how you can get in great shape without exercise. The secret? Play.

Watch it

The full 35 minute interview is now available (with captions and transcript) for members:

Get Into Great Shape Without Exercise – Darryl Edwards

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How Kevin Hall Tried to Kill the Insulin Hypothesis with Pure Spin

Kevin Hall, the senior NIH researcher recently published a paper in AJCN that has received a lot of media attention. He claims this study refutes the insulin hypothesis so completely that it is now ‘dead.’ That’s interesting, I thought, as I sat down to read the article.

It was therefore a little surprising to read this paper and realize that Hall’s conclusions were entirely his own opinion. He suffers so badly from confirmation bias that he may as well have written “My mind is already made up regarding the insulin hypothesis. Please do not confuse me with facts”.

Confirmation bias is a well-known psychological phenomenon whereby facts that agree with your pre-formed opinion are accepted as true and those that are not are ignored. All facts become filtered through this bias to confirm your previously held opinion. It’s also known as a closed mind.

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Higher-Fat Diets Are Better at Keeping Disease at Bay

Can eating more fat make you healthier and increase your chance of staying disease free? Probably.

A new combined analysis of all earlier studies shows that a Mediterranean diet with unlimited amounts of fat may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, obesity, breast cancer and type 2 diabetes:

DailyMail: High-Fat Diets ARE the Best: Mediterranean Diet ‘Significantly Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease’

Annals of Internal Medicine: Effects on Health Outcomes of a Mediterranean Diet With No Restriction on Fat Intake

It turns out that the obesity epidemic in this country is probably more due to our increased consumption of refined grains and added sugar and not so much from our fat consumption.
– Ben Spencer for DailyMail
According to the analysis, a high-fat Mediterranean diet is healthier and the better at keeping disease at bay, compared to lower-fat diets.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist, says that “It is high time we in the UK moved towards food based guidelines and lift restrictions on dietary fat from nutritious foods.”

When do you think that the guidelines will truly reflect these facts?

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