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Sugary Drinks May Kill 184,000 Adults Per Year

Lethal habit?

Lethal habit?

Drinking sugary drinks – like soft drinks and juice – may kill as many as 184,000 adults per year. This according to a new study published in Circulation.

Dariush Mozaffarian, from Tufts University, Boston, and a senior author of the study, said the focus should be on cutting the drinks out of diets in order to save lives.

‘It should be a global priority to substantially reduce or eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from the diet,’ he said.

‘Some population dietary changes, such as increasing fruits and vegetables, can be challenging due to agriculture, costs, storage, and other complexities. This is not complicated.

‘There are no health benefits from sugar-sweetened beverages, and the potential impact of reducing consumption is saving tens of thousands of deaths each year.’

The study only looks at statistics and makes an estimation of the effect. This can’t prove what causes what. So you can’t know for sure if 184,000 adults are killed every year. It could be significantly fewer… or it could be much worse.

But no matter the exact number I think Dr. Mozaffarian is right. Doing nothing while tens or hundreds of thousands of people are dying every year is not acceptable. This is the tobacco fight all over again.


LCHF Breakfast by Fanny #10 – Scrambled Eggs with Basil and Butter


Scrambled eggs for breakfast is a classic and here’s the tenth and final LCHF breakfast idea from Fanny Lindkvist (Instagram).

Scrambled Eggs with Butter, Basil and Seed Crispbread

Ingredients, 1 serving


2 eggs
2 tablespoons coconut cream, coconut milk, yogurt or sour cream


Melt butter in a pan on low heat. Mix together eggs and liquid, salt and add to the pan. Stir with a spatula from the edge towards the center until the eggs are scrambled. I like it soft and creamy, not with a surface, which means stirring often on lower heat. You can remove the pan from the heat when you add the batter, this is usually enough.

You can also make the scrambled eggs in a water-bath, this will make it super creamy. I did this when my daughter was young in order to avoid frying.

I always have my scrambled eggs with about 1–1½ oz (30–50 g) butter, a lot of fresh herbs and ideally a few pieces of seed crisp bread.

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Final Team DietDoctor Caribbean Reflections

overview FLL

Last month we we spent a week on the fantastic low-carb cruise in the Caribbean.
We invited our moderators to write guest posts here at the blog. Here’s the last report, by Marina Yudanov, with our final reflections:

Guest Post by Marina Yudanov

Team DietDoctor Caribbean Reflections

I enjoyed myself immensely on my first low-carb cruise this year. I would recommend it to anyone at least slightly familiar with LCHF, who has experienced the positive effects or done some reading on the subject. The speakers covered a diverse range of low-carb, high-fat-related topics and the talks ranged from personal accounts of LCHF life to technical talks on the biochemistry of the body and how it responds to diet. Listening to the presentations and talking to people was a great way to validate the things I’ve read, tried and internalized as truths. It was also a great eye-opener for new things LCHF-related that I hadn’t come across of my own accord before.
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“Fat is Back”


Fat is back. Quite a nice CNN headline:

CNN: Fat is back: New guidelines give vilified nutrient a reprieve

Forbes: Fat Makes A Comeback: Experts Say It’s Time To Stop Limiting Dietary Fats

This comes after an article by a couple of top researchers in a the highly respected scientific journal JAMA. They urge the relevant authorities to remove any restriction on how much dietary fat to eat. Any such restriction is said to be not only useless for improving health, but actually harmful to the public health.

“I think it is crucial for all government agencies to formally state that there is no upper limit on fat,” says one of these top researchers to CNN. Very true. He also says that saturated fat is neutral for heart health. It’s simply not something to worry about.

Here’s the final paragraph of the JAMA article:

The limit on total fat presents an obstacle to sensible change, promoting harmful low-fat foods, undermining attempts to limit intakes of refined starch and added sugar, and discouraging the restaurant and food industry from providing products higher in healthful fats. It is time for the US Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services to develop the proper signage, public health messages, and other educational efforts to help people understand that limiting total fat does not produce any meaningful health benefits and that increasing healthful fats, including more than 35% of calories, has documented health benefits. Based on the strengths of accumulated new scientific evidence and consistent with the new DGAC report, a restructuring of national nutritional policy is warranted to move away from total fat reduction and toward healthy food choices, including those higher in healthful fats.

Fat is back. Almost all sensible people are starting to understand this. Quite a few also understand that this includes natural old-fashioned saturated fat. Butter is also back.

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The Key to Obesity

Dr. Jason Fung

Earlier this week the world’s top LCHF conference came online. For the discounted prize $49 (usually $69) you get instant access to it, and you can also check out some short previews for free:

The World’s Top LCHF Conference is Finally Online!

We managed to get a special bonus for our members: one complete presentation per month. So which one should I choose first?

Personally I was most impressed with Dr. Fung’s talks, so here’s his first one. It’s about the key to obesity and type 2 diabetes: insulin resistance. How it develops and how you can reverse it. There’s some tremendously important information in there. To Dr. Fung an LCHF diet is just the beginning of the solution.

The presentation – among many other things – is available for members and as usual you can try membership for free for one month.

The Key to Obesity – full presentation

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That Sugar Song – Hilarious Video

Here’s a fantastic music video called “That Sugar Song”. It’s an advertisement for the equally great movie “That Sugar Film” that will soon be released in the US and UK.

The trailer has been watched over one million times and in Australia where the movie’s already been released it’s become the #1 highest grossing documentary of all time!

Here’s how to see it:

UK – In cinemas June 26
US – In cinemas and on demand July 31
AU – DVD, Blu-ray & Digital out July 1
Find out more at


The World’s Top LCHF Conference is Finally Online!

A few months ago the world’s top LCHF experts gathered in lovely Cape Town, South Africa, for a massive four day conference. I was there presenting as well. It truly felt like a historic gathering.

Unfortunately not everyone can go to Cape Town, even for an occasion like this. Over 600 people participated, but most of the people around the world who would have wanted to be there sadly missed it.

Now it’s possible to watch all the 30 presentations online, as the online LCHF Convention launched today.

You can check out previews from the presentations for free. The entire online convention is $69 but the presenters – including me – get to invite people for only $49, so following this link you get that significant discount:

The Low Carb High Fat Convention Online

As an added bonus you also get access to transcripts of all the presentations and handy direct links for any studies and articles discussed.

I highly recommend the online LCHF convention, it’s a convenient recording of an historic event.

Regarding the Cost

Note that we get no part of the price of the conference – even if you follow the discounted link above. We never do affiliate marketing here at Diet Doctor for credibility reasons.

The full price of the online conference goes to the organizers (they are well worth it!) and will hopefully cover the significant cost of filming, editing and transcribing four days of presentations. Any surplus will help the organizers set up new LCHF conferences. The next ones are preliminarily planned for London and Washington!


Watch the LCHF Movie Cereal Killers for Free

What if everything you knew about nutrition was wrong? That’s the question behind the LCHF movie Cereal Killers. You can watch the trailer above.

I reviewed the movie when it was released a year ago and liked it a lot. And now it’s easier than ever to see it. Cereal Killers – among other movies – is available for instant streaming on our membership site.

You can try our membership for free one month, also getting instant access to video courses, video interviews, Q&A with experts, etc.

Watch Cereal Killers

Try membership for free


Have you already used your free month and want to try again? That’s fine. Just go to your account page and answer three quick questions and you’ll get another free month.

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LCHF Breakfast by Fanny #9 – Coconut Porridge


Do you want porridge for breakfast on occasion, without all the carbs?

Here’s the ninth LCHF breakfast idea from Fanny Lindkvist, who runs a popular Swedish blog and the Instagram account LessCarbs.

Coconut Porridge

Ingredients, 1 serving


1 oz (25 g) butter
1 egg
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1 pinch psyllium seed husks
4 tablespoons coconut cream
A little salt


Mix together all ingredients in a pan on low heat, keep stirring until you get the texture you like.

Serve with coconut milk or cream and put a few frozen berries on the hot porridge.

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