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The Fear of Fat Goes Into Free Fall


The food revolution continues and the credibility of the old theory that butter is harmful is in free fall. Here’s a real slaughter of the fear of fat in one of the leading scientific medical journals, The British Medical Journal. It’s written by an expert on evidence-based medicine, one of the leaders of the Cochrane Collaboration.

The conclusion? The advice to eat less fat was a gigantic mistake from the beginning, new science show that it isn’t beneficial. Instead it may have led to an increased intake of bad carbohydrates, which is likely fueling today’s epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

The BMJ: Are some diets ”mass murder”?

It’s time for all authorities still recommending low-fat replacement products to wake up.

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Monique’s Delicious Holiday Treats


The best LCHF gingerbread cookies

The holiday season is upon us and we want to enjoy it and have a good time with our loved ones. We invited four interesting LCHF celebrities to share their best tips and recipes for treats without excessive amounts of bad carbohydrates.

Our second holiday-season hostess is the popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Monique Forslund, who among other things includes the best LCHF gingerbread cookie:

MoniqueThe holiday really means family, candles, a warm fire and good food. I appreciate the Swedish holiday season with all the traditions and the December darkness that we warm with our candles and holiday lights. Unbeatable!

The holiday spirit is about caring and memories, and often the two are associated with food. You can make many wonderful and delicious LCHF meals for the holiday season. Gingerbread spices may be varied indefinitely, as may saffron.

It’s all about thinking outside the box – outside the “usual”. I make some recipes a little more liberal to fit others, but always avoid sugar and wheat flour.

I wish all of you a warm and loving holiday season with lots of laughs and memories, and of course, sugar-free ;)

Big hug, Monique

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Big Fat Surprise Among the Best Books of the Year


Wall Street Journal has named the best books of the year. Among them is The Big Fat Surprise, a book that totally rejects the last decades’ unnecessary fear of saturated fat. In the book the shaky background is discussed – and how today the theory completely falls apart in the light of modern science.

The book is well-written and captivating, but long. It has also been criticized for resembling Gary Taube’s classic Good Calories, Bad Calories which partly goes through the same story (but only up until 2007).

Most of those critics can’t stand Taubes, so they can’t stand Teicholz either. I’m a huge fan of Taubes so I should enjoy Teicholz, but a lack of time combined with a slight feeling of déjà vu has, embarrassingly enough, prevented me from reading more than part of the book yet. Finishing it is on my to-do-list. You can still beat me to it:

The Big Fat Surprise


Before and After One Month On Coca Cola

Before and after 1 month with Coca Cola

Before and after one month with Coca Cola

What happens if you drink 10 Cokes a day for a month? Everyone probably realizes that you’ll gain weight, but not everyone knows how much you can gain in just one month!

The Mirror: Man drinks TEN cans of Coke every day for a month – you’ll never guess how much weight he piles on

Nothing makes you fat as fast as soda.

On a more inspiring note, read how George from the experiment above next goes on a “zero-carb diet” to lose his soda pounds. It seems to be working well:

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Healthy Tasty Green Chips!


Do you want healthy but tasty green chips with very few carbohydrates? We usually have kale in the holiday season, so we tried to make kale chips and found that they are quite tasty.

The recipe isn’t difficult to follow: kale in small pieces, olive oil and salt. Bake in oven at 400°F for 7–10 minutes. Eat. Continue Reading →


Nobel Banquet at Diet Doctor’s


We brought the Nobel festivities yesterday to our residence. In this picture Klara has put on her red dress and is looking forward to watching real princesses on TV.

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More Delicious Ideas For a Healthy Holiday Season


Gingersnap Truffles

The holiday season is upon us and we want to enjoy it and have a good time with our loved ones. We invited four interesting LCHF profiles to share their best tips and recipes for treats without excessive amounts of bad carbohydrates.

Our second holiday-season hostess is the popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Åse Falkman Fredrikson. Here are her best recipes and tips:

FalkmanDecember is my very favorite month of the year. I enjoy more time indoors and with my family, I eat a little bit more of good food than usual and I unwind in December.

Unlike before, I feel great even in January! No extra pounds or sugar weaning and yet I’ve eaten well and a little extra all through December. Almost six years ago I changed my diet to a low-carbohydrate diet and this is a lifestyle that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

From having yo-yo dieted for 20 years and always been hungry and craving (and eating 5–6 times a day), I now have lots of energy, can go many hours without food and still not be hungry or feel low on energy.

I’m healthy and the low-carbohydrate diet is my basic diet and for the most part I choose not to eat gluten or sugar and I replace wheat flour and sugar with alternatives that are better for me. I have a nice balance in my life and I feel obnoxiously great!

At the beginning of the Holiday Season in December I try to gather my sisters and their families and my mother and this year we’re doing a holiday potluck. Everyone brings something and my contribution is always gluten free and low in sugar (or no sugar at all). That’s how I live my life. When I have guests I always serve what we normally eat in my home.

I love the challenge to convert recipes to better options. Personally, I don’t crave sugar anymore and seldom eat goodies, even though they may be baked with almond flour and dark chocolate, but in December I’ll of course have some!

My third cookbook will be published in late December to early January. It has great tips and tools for getting started on an active and healthy lifestyle. The recipes are of course gluten- and sugar-free. If you want them sweeter you may use a sweetener of your choice. There are many different needs, tolerances and opinions on which sweetener to prefer and which is best and of course you can skip it altogether.

In my book I have this recipe for cheesecake and to honor the holiday season, I’ve spiced it up with the holiday-season spice saffron! Continue Reading →


Holiday Cookies


My three-year-old managed to make these creations with just minimal help from her mother. Then dad brought out the camera.

An almost sugar-free recipe: almond flour, shredded coconut, eggs, butter, saffron, almonds… and a next-to-homeopathic amount of honey (1 tablespoon in a batch of 27 cookies)… from Birgitta Höglund in the holiday post from the other day.

A good option for those who want the occasional cookie without all the bad carbs. Continue Reading →


Recipes for a Healthy Holiday Season


Mulled wine with blueberries and ginger

The holiday season is here. This is a wonderful time of the year, but also one that can be difficult. The sugar over-doses succeed one another – chocolate boxes, holiday cookies and sweet drinks are just the beginning. The result, among other things, is that many people start the new year with more unwanted extra pounds.

At the same time we want to enjoy and have a good time with our loved ones. Could we do this in a way without harming ourselves? We invited four interesting LCHF profiles to the Swedish blog, where they share their best tips and recipes for treats without excessive amounts of bad carbohydrates.

First out among them is the popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Birgitta Höglund. Here are her best recipes and tips:

Holiday with Wonderful Smells and Flavors

hoglundIn recent years I’ve celebrated the holiday season in a different way. Lennart and I have escaped the darkness and cold of Sweden and spent December in our rented apartment in Alanya, Turkey.

But traditions are important, so I bring some of my holiday favorites with me.

To me, the holiday season is strongly associated with aromas. The week before Christmas I usually decorate the kitchen with oranges with a beautiful pattern of cloves. A wooden bowl filled with red apples sits on our kitchen table.

Small almond cookies, flavored with coconut and saffron, smell delicious fresh from the oven. A glass of ginger-laced mulled wine will go great with them.

These simple things bring warmth, light and wonderful scents right to the soul. The scents remind us of our childhood holidays, and not much more is needed to enjoy a cozy holiday season evening.

Here are recipes for some simple and delicious dishes to enjoy this holiday season. The mulled wine (Swedish glögg), salmon and the cookies make for wonderful holiday season treats. Santa’s scrambled eggs are great both as a breakfast or as a simple dinner. Continue Reading →


“I Never Knew Dieting Could Be So Tasty”

Before and presently

Before and presently

Pretty impressive! Here’s an update from Sophie, who shared the beginning of her success story eating LCHF a year ago.

That, it turns out, was just the beginning. Here’s her whole life-altering story: Continue Reading →