Any Defense of Sugar is Pure Confection

Sugar, not fat, is the problem. And the tipping point is getting close now:

The Guardian: Any defence of sugar is pure confection

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WSJ: “The Dubious Science Behind the Anti-Fat Crusade” 41
Fruit is candy 154
Dogs and Cats Getting Fatter and Fatter 65
Doctors Warn: “Sugar Is the New Tobacco” 34
Can You Prevent Cancer with Millions of Cinnamon Buns? 32
How to Convince Your Child Not To Eat Candy 35
Proven: Almost Anything Is Better with Bacon 34
What Happens if You Eat 5,800 Calories of Carbohydrate-Rich Junk Food Daily? 58
Robert Lustig’s New Talk on Sugar! 33
If Natural Foods Came with an Ingredient List 19
Long-Term Study on the Paleo Diet: The Results 55
Reversing Diabetes After a Visit to the Emergency Room 38


  1. Janknitz
    The article was good, and the comments illustrate why the rest of the world does not yet "get it". Plenty of ignorant and bigoted people left in the world.
  2. Maud
    Complete agree.
  3. Trina
    It's the comments that always depress me.
  4. Maud
    It seems sadly like there's a long way for Brits to understand the benefits of doing low carb and especially low carb high fat.
  5. Lynne
    But this is a little bit of good news, it has to start somewhere! Even though I have only been aware of LCHF for 9 months, this feels like a tiny breakthrough. Lustigs's book was also reported positively in The Times.
  6. Nice read for once! :-)

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