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My name is Andreas Eenfeldt and I am a Swedish medical doctor specialized in family medicine. I want to find out how to get as healthy as possible using natural methods such as diet, exercise and perhaps a supplement (vitamin D) or two.

The idea to eat less fat and less saturated fat was certainly a mistake. Inadvertently that advice may be the biggest reason behind the epidemics of obesity and diabetes. More and more people realize this. It’s time for a health revolution.

This blog is a place to learn about this for free. Do you want real food, better health and weight loss without hunger?

LCHF for beginners


Read an interview with me from the Swedish LCHF-magazine, translated into English: page 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.



Swedish blog

www.Kostdoktorn.se (Read it translated by Google)

The Food Revolution

This talk by me summarizes the ongoing revolution. How we realize old mistakes and the most effective way to improve our health and weight.


Do you want to help change the world? There are many things you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be a positive example and inspire the people around you (answering their questions is more effective than trying to persuade someone who isn’t ready).
  • Learn more. These blogs are a good place to start, and there are some excellent books (1, 2, 3) on the subject.
  • Teach others: Comment on blogs and discussion forums and in papers, start a blog yourself, prepare a lecture, talk to your doctor.
  • Feel free to spread the link to dietdoctor.com and the talk on YouTube above. You may also use anything you find on this page in whatever way you like.
  • Do you have any other ideas? Please tell me in the comments below.
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  1. Zepp
    You are not doing anything wrong.. you are changin fat for muscles!

    At least I think it is this you aim at?

  2. Martin
    I became interested in LCHF diets whilst I was researching solutions for candida. I do not not have nor have I ever had a weight problem. I was recently diagnosed with candida in my ears and have found that prescribed ear drops are not a permanent solution.

    Having read extensively about LCHF diets but I have found little evidence of curing candida by following a LCHF diet.

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  3. Zepp
    Well mayby candida in your guts then.. but on the skin I dont think it have any effcts?

    Its a yeast fungus and we all got it in guts and on ouer skins.. but other mekanismes do control it.

    It doesent like a sour environment.. like if one got plenty of lactic bacterias in the guts.

  4. Eric Anderson
    QUestion about diet to reduce insulin and glucose:

    I use HFLC as my diet to reduce Insulin and glucose. Since I get very little glucose and trace amounts of carbohydrates in Cream (Lactose) and eggs (Glucose or glycogen??) would I expect to benifit from the glucose and insulin lowering effects and seeming lifespan increase fron glucosimine supplements? Eric

    Comment seems to work through lowering insulin levels and reduced glucose going into cells. (My insulin and glucose are low and I do not have lots of glucose. So could this help? Why not just eat the cartlidge from the cows and pigs and sheep? Is not that as much glucosimine as the supplements?

    A study conducted by scientists from ETH Zurich and other German research centers found out that glucosamine, an arthritis supplement, can extend the lifespan of a mouse by up to 10 percent.

    Michael Ristow, lead author of the study and a professor from ETH Zurich, added glucosamine to the diet of roundworms. They discovered that the supplement increased the subjects' lifespan by five percent. After that, they introduced glucosamine to mice that are 100 weeks old, equivalent to 65 years old for humans. The mice were divided into two groups; one that received glucosamine while the other was fed a similar diet with no glucosamine. Results showed that glucosamine was responsible for the eight percent increase in the mice's lifespan, which is equivalent to at least eight years for humans.

    Furthermore, the integration of glucosamine in the mice's diet showed that the substance acted as prevention for diabetes, shielding the mice from developing this common disease of the elderly.

    Glucosamine is readily available in drug stores as a supplement for arthritis and to help patients diagnosed with joint degeneration. Previous studies also showed that it can delay the growth of cancer cells and impedes the metabolism of sugars.

    Further analysis showed that glucosamine also helps in the breakdown of amino acids for the worms and mice. Amino acids are essential components of proteins, and when there is a low supply of carbohydrates, the body turns to them for energy supply.

    "This reflects the metabolic state of a low-carb diet due to glucosamine supplementation alone - while these mice ingested the same amount of carbohydrates as their unsupplemented counterparts," Bristow said in a press release.

    This shows that glucosamine may be used by humans to induce a low-carb diet while maintaining the carb requirements on a regular diet.

    Further details of this study were published in the April 8 issue of Nature Communications.

  5. Robli
    new findings appear to contradict LCHF
    University College of London: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health: Oyebode O,
    Gordon-Dseagu V, Walker A, et al.

    "Conclusions A robust inverse association exists between fruit and vegetable consumption and mortality, with benefits seen in up to 7+ portions daily. Further investigations into the effects of different types of fruit and vegetables are warranted."
    Appears to indicate that more fruit and vegetables (=carbs) provides improved risk for heart disease, stroke, T2DM, and obesity.

    Your comments would be most welcome. Thanks

  6. Sophie
    I don'T see how this contradicts LCHF. It only says that eating more fruit and veggies is better than eating less fruits and veggies.

    LCHF does not imply not eating vegetables anymore. You can have a produce rich diet that also contains a lot of fat. A high produce diet is not necessarily high in carbs.

    The most important carbs to reduce to follow an LCHF is grains and processed sugars.

    The study did not measure grain, sugar, meat or fat. I don't even see how it relates to LCHF.

  7. Billy
    I would really appreciate a section of the blog dedicated to the selection of specific foods. I hope that makes sense.
    In particular, I am trying to learn how to adjust my menu in a third world country with limited budget. This means I have access to raw peanuts but almonds are astronomically expensive and so on.
    Discussion of such things, perhaps by food category seems to me to be a nice idea. Much more efficient than wading through hundreds of posts that have no relevance to what I am looking for.
  8. Janice
    Anything to help me lose weight, please!
  9. Syaeful Mustofa

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  10. Martin
  11. Jill
    Hi I've been doing LCHF for a number weeks now and feel like my body has adjusted to this new way of eating and I'm feeling good. However in a couple of weeks I'm going camping at a music festival for four days. It's pretty basic, one gas ring and no ice to keep a cool box for dairy products. Any ideas on what food I could take to stay on track? There will be some food vans around selling food but I would like to avoid buying food for every meal.



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  12. suha
    Hello, I am a big fan of your website, and I have started the LCHF diet on the 30/4 eleven days ago,  and not cheating at all,  haven't lost have a pound, I feel down,  and not excited to continue.  Please, advise. Thank you so much.
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  13. JB
    Just greatfull, I admire people who gives something to the world without making a ton of cash.
  14. Zepp
    Festivals are festivals.. and one can only do the best.. just trying to do the best!
  15. Zepp
    Do you have a lot too lose?

    That that you feel down seems to be a sign that you are doing somthing right.. its transitation problems/lack of glucose.

    If it isnt that you are starving your self?

    Read this and think about the adviceses!


    Easy to follow.. the only truble is to know one own bodys signaling.. and what that means as energy intake.

    One have to try that out.. there are no magic diets.. only our magic bodys!

  16. Federica
    About vegetables: are peas allowed? Coz I've read pea is full of starch.......and I'm on a strict diet as I need to lose weight
  17. Federica
    are peas allowed? Coz I've read pea is full of starch.......and I'm on a strict diet as I need to lose weight
  18. David R ZA
    Here is a link for a BBC documentary released in 2012 about LC and the Atkins Diet:


    Around 27min 30sec into this video, a trial involving identical twins conducted at Kansas University is mentioned. The study seems to conclude fairly comprehensively that ketosis, albeit on an Atkins type (HFHP) diet, only results in the loss of around 22kcal more than the identical twin following a conventional low fat diet.

    Does anyone have any other information on this, as ketosis is put forward by LCHF proponents as a fairly significant cause of weight-loss.

    I'm new to this website and only been following an LCHF lifestyle for one month, so I apologise if this has already been covered.

    Reply: #419
  19. Zepp
    Well I se they have never read a Atkins book or understand why one lose veight on a low carb diet.. one eat less and burn the same.. at least if one is healty!
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  20. David R ZA
    @Zepp Thanks for your reply. At the end of the video they do conclude, in another trial, that people eat less on LCHF.

    This is a learning curve for me, as when I started this I was under the impression that to achieve weight-loss a person had to be in ketosis. I understood that a state of ketosis would mean that an individual would be burning stored fat instead of carbohydrates. Hence the statement on the Dietdoctor homepage that you can eat all you want of certain foods. In other words what I'm saying is that it is not the state of being in ketosis that makes you lose weight, but the fact that you no longer want to eat as much. So by eating less, you do indeed lose more weight i.e calories DO matter. I thought I understood the process, but now I'm not so sure...

    I don't need to lose weight at all; I'm a long distance runner and I've noticed that if I eat more than a certain amount of protein or dairy my weight goes up slightly even though I never consume more than 20g of net carbohydrates per day. So I'm not so sure that it as simple as eating all you want of certain foods as long as you have consumed enough fat and are in ketosis.

    Perhaps I sound negative? No, I love being LCHF, and if anything the primary thing this diet (lifestyle) has highlighted for me is that while LCHF may not be perfect (or perhaps it is), SAD is clearly wrong for most humans. That is why I can't understand why so many people still stubbornly cling to the SAD.

    All I'm trying to do is understand LCHF fully, so that I can make informed decisions in my training plans.

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  21. Zepp
    You got it right.. there are no magic diets.. but different foods affect our bodys diferently.

    By eating the right food you dont want to overeat.. that is eat all you want!

    Ketosis means that you eating less carbs then your bodys emediate demand for glucose.. then it make ketones of fat.. it means that it upregulate the fat metabolism.

    That what moste people want.. becuse they like to lose fat.

    Soo.. ketosis is a sign.. nothing magic at all.. all natural.

    And the moste fatburning is done by betaoxidation whitout going thru ketosis.. and not everyone need to be in ketosis.. not even for losing fat weight.. but its a sign that you eat what you think you are eating.. IE.. not to much insulin rising carbs.

    There are other benefits for healty slender long distance runners.. and that is that you dont need to ad that much glucose on a competition.

    And 20 grams a day is for fast transitation and for those needed to lose weight.

    You can probably eat more, specialy on hard excersise or competitions.. then you can use both betaoxidation and glykolysis for maximum endurance.

    I give you some links.




    Reply: #422
  22. David R ZA
    Hi Zepp. Thanks once again for your reply and for the links that you supplied. I have now started reading the Volek and Phinney book that you recommended. Very interesting!
  23. Georgey
    Heyy, I wanted to know how to get rid of love handles and man boobs, the man boobs are due to fat not hormones(I hope so) but hey have become smaller since I've started excercising.
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  24. Laura Rhodes
    I am a firm believer in HPLCD and I do not really ever crave sugar. I do however miss eating legumes and black rice. I will occasionally have a moderate portion. What are your thoughts on eating these certain foods? I consider them my guilty pleasure along with some root vegetables.
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  25. Zepp
    Keep up excersise and stick to a low carb diet.. try it out.. bouild some muscles and make them be fatburning ones!

    Try this!


  26. Zepp
    Its more about how those foods, amounts and occasions do alter any healt effects to you.

    Its not poison foods at all.. its more about ones medical condition.

  27. candice
    Hi there,
    I have been on a low fat low carb diet for a long time and recently changed my way of eating to LCHF from say March 2104. I have found that I have been catching colds every month - my immune system is bad even though i eat properly now, take supplements etc

    Question 1: can one have too much fat?

    Question 2: because i have been LFLC for so long wll this have an affect now that i am doing HFLC - will my body take longer to adjust, heal, loose weight etc Also found out through blood tests that i have a underactive Thyroid - can this be "fixed" by eating HFLC.

    Any help would be appreciated as I was finding I was putting on weight (eating under 50g carb per day / cut down on my protein now as well).

    Much appreciated
    Candice - Cape Town, South Africa

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  28. Zepp
    Well first.. colds is by virus.. there are no medecine or diet that can protect you frome virus.. only your imune system.

    And that is best if you give it nutrients.

    Ofcourse one can eat to much fat.. if one provide all the fat ones body need by mouth its not taking anything from fat tisiue!

    But even that is a to simple explanation.. if one eat to much fat.. one feel ill and dont want to eat for a long time.. and then one learn about how much to eat.

    Well ofcourse it take some times to regulate all thing back to a more healty metabolism.. first you get transitation problems.. I.E. lack of glucose.. then your body have to strugle to use more fat as fuel.. in the meantime it produce ketones.. as replacement for glucose.. and then it take another time for your muscles to be fatburners!

    Noe.. LCHF dont cure hypothyreosis.. its often autoimine.

    But for you to know.. glucose need a lot of active T3 to make all the insulin to have a normal glucose levels.. high active T3 is one of the sign of diabetes!

    Soo.. you could eat real food that not needing that much active T3.. for instanse a LCHF like diet.

  29. Brenda
    Hello! I am new on the LCHF diet, this is my 4th day. I am in sugar withdrawal and it has not been pleasant but I am not as bloated and I feel lighter! Anyway, I wanted to know if it is ok to eat radishes? I love them. I know they are not above ground vegetable, but they are in the onion family and we can eat onions, can't we? I am determined to stick with this new way of eating as I've heard nothing but good things from other people who are following it and have control of their blood sugars and weight because of this way of eating. Thanks for all your information.


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  30. Zepp
    Ofcourse you can eat radisches.. I just eat 5 big ones.. and onions are high in carbs.. but healty in other things.. I just eaten a small one!

    You got it right.. make a differens about very simple beginners advices.. and carb contents of veggies.

    Its not veggies and onions one should cut out.. its fast acting carbs.. sugar, sodas, bread, pasta, rice and such things!

  31. Seth
    Seen today in the UK newspaper "The Independent":


  32. Maria
    I have been doing really well with my lchf, I am amazed at my will power and the energy level I have attained. I have been lchf for a month now and have lost 5.7 kg (what I like to call "my negative side").
    I am still not perfect, but I try to do as much reading and research into what I plan to consume. Cooking everything from scratch, using seasonal veggies, bio protein products (eggs, chicken, fish & meat).
    I have some questions if anyone can help me, how many carbs are there in 100g fresh okra (steamed)? 100g fresh black cherries? And 100g fresh green black-eyed peas which I steam?
    My final question- I normally enjoy strained full fat yoghurt for dinner ( about 19:00 pm)- in the morning I will have black coffee ( never have breakfast)- at work I will have another black coffee until about 14:00 pm. Then I have my meal. Would this be considered ketosis? Or do I ruin it by having coffee?
    Have an awesome day everyone!
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  33. Zepp
    Here you get a list of veggies and other plants.


    Coffe is brown water.. trace amounts of other things.

    Ketosis in reality lack of glucose by food.. then your body shifts to burn fat and making glucose by glukoneogenes.

    It means it shift to use more fat as predominant fuel.. and in the meantime it make some ketones to replace a great part of yor demand for glucose.

    Dont care that much if its cald ketosis or not.. its a definition.. either metabolic or diet vise.

  34. Maria
    Dear Zepp, I'd like to thank you for your prompt replies to every query I've had!
  35. Martin
    This is supposed to be breaking news! It's too little too late.


    Reply: #436
  36. erdoke
    After reading hundreds of studies (mostly RCTs) and seeing the latest graphs on the macronutrient changes in the US during the last 50 years, I tend to believe that it is the overconsumption of inflammatory omega-6 oils and sugars (including refined starches) that together cause the obesity epidemic. As it is just a wild theory at this point, I would not go into percentages of responsibility. :o)
  37. Linda
    If you are able to watch a program put out by C4 in the UK called 'The world's best diet' as relating to the whole population, it will make you smile. The countries at the top of the list, particulary France had massive amount of fat via meat and cheese in diet, which was not new to me as my brother was ill in France and the Doctor suggested he got himself pronto on the LCHF diet and stay on it.
    Iceland was 1st with the Scandinavia countries if I recall were 2nd 3rd and 4th in the world.

    I was doing well on LCHF but my weakness is ice cream, if anyone has a sugar free ice cream recipe to share I would be grateful.

  38. Lewis
  39. Gerda Maritz
    I started the banting diet a month ago and my blood pressure went up to 160/90 yesterday and 150/90 today. I am 48 and use medication for the high blood pressure. I lost 4kg in the first 3 weeks and nothing for the last 3 weeks. Can the HFLC diet cause the rise in the blood pressure?
    please sign me up for your e-mails...thank you
  41. Maria
    Would lchf help a person with Crohn's disease?
    Reply: #442
  42. Zepp
    Crohns is of autoimun causes for what one know.. and LCHF can be only healty food.. if one realy want to be healty!

    It seams that fast digesting carbs are not that good, but more resistante starch have a good outcome to ones gut linings!

    How often is those that is inflamated!

    Soo.. its mayby "real food" thats gonna do it.. only real food.. not Walmart food!

  43. Bea
    hey,i'm 17 years old and i'm 175 cm , my weight is 73 kg , my question is (Is it okay for me to do the LCHF ?! and if so , how much weight will i lose in a month because i'm going in summer vacation in about a month ,BTW i workout 45 mins every day
  44. erdoke
    LCHF is rather a lifestyle than a quick weight loss tool.
    For one month a higher protein version of a low carb diet seems to be the best. Make sure that potassium and magnesium is supplemented during this period, as initial salt loss can be substantial.
    Also, you can easily gain back several kilograms during the summer vacation if carbs and junk food are added back in one bold step.
  45. Jacques
    Even more reason to not eat bread these days!


  46. Noel
    5 weeks on LCHF, in nutritional ketosis but have only loss 2 kgs in first week. Great improvement in energy but really frustrated. Averaging <30g carbs 120g protein and 70% fat. Even added coconut oil these last days. Cut out cheese too to see if that improved things. Wondering if this will not work any longer.

    Any help appreciated. Love your website and mission.

    Reply: #447
  47. Zepp
    It took me three months befor anything happend!

    And it was probably mostly in my mind that I did adapted at laste.

    Probably I did need that time to make a full mindshift.. making me in contact with my apetite system on the new diet!

    You know.. LCHF is not the fastest diet to lose weight on.. but probably one of the moste sustainable!

    To lose weight one need to have a calorie defiecy.. but the goal whit LCHF is that this should happen naturly by that your apetite get lower or that you eat fewer meals.

  48. James Hunt
    Hey Diet Doctor!

    I have a question. My wife and I recently started low carb high fat eating, about a month ago now. Both of our weight has dropped at first, leveled off and then came back up. It's puzzling us a bit as to why the weight loss is not continuing.

    A percentage of our most recent meal was 77% fat, 11% carb and 16% protein. Our meals have all been in this range.

    What could be the problem? Why is weight loss not continuing?


    Reply: #449
  49. Zepp
    Im not Doc.. but answer anyway!

    "What could be the problem?"

    You have just enterd Ketosis, first you depleted your glycogen, and lost some water.

    Now you are adapted.. and some of the water is coming back.. and some of the glycogen too.

    Evolution goes in steps, not lineary.. its time for a new step!

    You know there are no magic diets.. its about calories anyhow.. but on LCHF it supose to go by it self.

    We got a buildt in calorie counter.. its only demand is that you eat food that its evolved whit.

    Then try to learn listen to that signaling.. thats the next step!

    It goes by that one got less apetite.. eat less, burn the same.. often one only need two meals a day.. nothing inbetwen.

  50. Miriam
    Dear Diet Doctor

    Please tell me that including the immoderate posting from the Israeli ('Shalom, Motherf***er') under 'Weighty Matters' was an aberration! The views expressed are unacceptable on any level and certainly not appropriate on a health-related website. The irony is incredible: so many people are losing their lives, their livelihoods, their health and their futures in the world's most asymmetric struggle, whatever your view of the 'rights' and 'wrongs' of the situation.

    Otherwise I find the advice you gather for this site very useful and, until I read the above posting about the current situation in Gaza/Israel I am sure it has been of benefit to my health and blood pressure!

    Thank you for your excellent work.

    Reply: #451
  51. erdoke
    It's an obviously automatic listing from other blogs. Even on the other blog in question it is a weekend recommendation for news of interest.
    No comments from my side regarding the content, as it has nothing to do with the subject of this site.
  52. Jen
    Hi I am hoping that someone out there can explain why this could be happening.
    I have been enjoying a LCHF diet for about 12 months now & love it. I had been loosing weight slowly and steadily, but recently it has stalled and even more concerning to me is that my fasting Glucose level has risen to around & above 110 (6.2).
    My NON fasting glucose levels throughout the day are well and truly in the normal range even on the low side of normal). It is only the morning FGL. Would someone know why this could be happening?
    Replies: #453, #454
  53. erdoke
    We should know more about what, how much and when you eat to be able to come up with useful recommendations. My initial guess is that your glucose production in the liver, kidneys and gut works really well. Maybe reducing glycogenic proteins in the diet is a good solution, but adding some slow absorbing carbs might be an alternative.
    Reply: #456
  54. Zepp
    Its probably "dawn phenomenon"!


    Its a part of our cirkadian system.. that make extra energy for you to wake up full of energy.

    Reply: #455
  55. Jen
    Hi Zepp, thanks for your reply.

    I found the wikipedia article you sent really interesting. But what I didn't understand is why it should start being a higher FGL after all this time? I am an early riser (around 6am) so this could also be a factor.

    My cholesterol levels are better than they have ever been with my HDL around 85 mg/dl and my Trigs around 58. So overall I am happy with my progress it was only my morning glucose level rising that was concerning me. But thanks again for your response and help.

  56. Jen
    Hi Erdoke, Thanks for your reply & comment.

    If I have sent 2 replies to your comments, apologies for this - I am new to this so site and posting comments like this - Anyhow...

    My main meal of the day is in the evenings so this is the largest meal of the day. I started counting my carbs - & looks like they are around 20 grams per day or a little less.

    I cant say exactly how much my protein intake is but its larger than my fist size so maybe this is a little larger than it should be. I love my fat especially butter and dairy cream. Perhaps too much dairy cream isnt helping too much either? do you think thick cream could make it higher?

    Its just wonderful to be able to finally eat this way guilt free especially after spending almost a lifetime trying to eat the so called 'right foods' & staying away from so called 'fatty foods' - I think I am making up for lost time!!

    The most important thing is that I am not making myself diabetic eating this way! Thanks for your helpful & informative comments, especially your comment ''My initial guess is that your glucose production in the liver, kidneys and gut works really well.'' I will read up about this glucose production to help understand it all a little better. Thanks & greatly appreciated.

    Reply: #457
  57. erdoke
    Hi Jen,
    At the beginning I found it useful to enter my daily meals into a mobile app such as MyFitnessPal, so that I was able to see how much carbs, protein and fat I was consuming. I didn't give a damn about calories... It turned out that fat was a bit low and protein a bit too high.
    If you follow an average lifestyle, i.e. moderate exercise and a lot of sitting throughout the day, protein intake should not be higher than 1.5 g per lean body weight. Also, if you are not diabetic or severely overweight carbs are not necessary to be kept extremely low. You do have a certain daily glucose need and it does no harm if not all of this is created by your body, but some or even all is taken with your meals.
    This generation of glucose is called gluconeogenesis and occurs in the previously mentioned organs. "Raw material" can be glycerol, lactic acid, some amino acids and also certain intermediates of the Krebs cycle.
  58. Jackie
    Look how they get around sugar eating... http://www.aquafresh.co.uk/sugar-acid-qa/
  59. Martin
    Obesity is being blamed for a variety of cancers and the advice offered is to keep eating the same diet that has not worked for the past 50 years.


  60. Karin
    I want to try the LCHF diet for health reasons as I deal with pancreatic cancer (I am not diabetic) and my husband with multiple sensitivities, some of which I hope would be resolved with this diet. However, my husband is allergic to milk protein and instead we use soy, almond and/or coconut milk. Are these acceptable substitutes for dairy milk, cream and butter? Please discuss each of these substitutes as I suspect there are some significant differences. Thank you for any help.
    Reply: #461
  61. Zepp
    Skip all soy if you dont ferment it your self.. but its still full of hormone like substanses.. and goitrogens.

    You know.. beside ketogenic diets or low carb.. those are for lowering glycemic load.. there are others to think about and that is other nutrients.

    Milk is for mamal child to grow and put on weight.. let those have it.

    And its healty no doubt about it.. but if one dont need to grow and put on weigt one dont need it.

    You need some fat, go for coconut oil, olive oil and other good edible oils.

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