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My name is Andreas Eenfeldt and I am a Swedish medical doctor specialized in family medicine. I want to find out how to get as healthy as possible using natural methods such as diet, exercise and perhaps a supplement (vitamin D) or two.

The idea to eat less fat and less saturated fat was certainly a mistake. Inadvertently that advice may be the biggest reason behind the epidemics of obesity and diabetes. More and more people realize this. It’s time for a health revolution.

This blog is a place to learn about this for free. Do you want real food, better health and weight loss without hunger?

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Read an interview with me from the Swedish LCHF-magazine, translated into English: page 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.



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www.Kostdoktorn.se (Read it translated by Google)

The Food Revolution

This talk by me summarizes the ongoing revolution. How we realize old mistakes and the most effective way to improve our health and weight.


Do you want to help change the world? There are many things you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be a positive example and inspire the people around you (answering their questions is more effective than trying to persuade someone who isn’t ready).
  • Learn more. These blogs are a good place to start, and there are some excellent books (1, 2, 3) on the subject.
  • Teach others: Comment on blogs and discussion forums and in papers, start a blog yourself, prepare a lecture, talk to your doctor.
  • Feel free to spread the link to dietdoctor.com and the talk on YouTube above. You may also use anything you find on this page in whatever way you like.
  • Do you have any other ideas? Please tell me in the comments below.
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  1. John Doyle
    I was 93 Kg two years ago, BMI 27. Now I am 73-75 kg BMI 23. I shed 20 kilos [but it's 18 kg now]. My sat fat preference is for coconut oil which I use all the time.
    I have HBP and until recently was on medication. Then I saw an article where if you are over 50 your BP can be considered normal at 150/90.
    So I stopped because my BP was usually below that, but well above the usual recommendation of 120/80.
    Today several weeks after stopping to give the reaction time to wear down, I am still sometimes below 150/90 but also sometimes 190/100.
    Can a high sat fat diet do something positive re BP?
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  2. Eric Anderson
    I will be 56 in April 2014

    My BP is 118 over 70

    Better when Than when I was younger

    80% Plus Animal Fat
    Butter cream eggs and attached fat to meet
    Tallow etcetera

    What is your A1c? Fasting BS?
    High Animal fat and moderate protein Yields optimal results from my observations
    Give it more time?

  3. Zepp
    Yes it can.. for some.. becuse lower insulin means lower sodium retention in the kidney!

    And higher HDL can give a better vasodilation.

    But its more complicated then those two.. there is a lot of other hormones and signal substanses regulating BP!

  4. Patricia
    I have been on the HFLC diet now for 5 weeks and I have not lost a single kilogram or any cm. why have I not lost any thing?

    If I am not eating carbs for energy and my body is not in Ketosis - where is my body getting its energy from?

    I exercise regularly as well. I like this way of eating but I am desperately trying to lose weight as I have 15kg to lose so you can imagine my frustration.

    Please help?

  5. John Doyle
    Well, Patricia, we are all different so this is what I did. Maybe it's useful for you?
    I started over 2 years ago by giving up on sugar. I lost no weight. Then I started my own diet.
    I have been at it and have lost 20 kilos, or 3 stone. The weight comes off then stalls for a while then weight comes off again. The body occasionally goes into conservation mode and to restart it a fasting day is a good strategy. The main thing is a] to get the appetite under control and b] to avoid snacking between meals.
    Start with a big breakfast which may mean waiting till 9 am. I do a high protein breakfast, an old fashioned breakfast, steak and 2 eggs with a tomato and some mushrooms fried in a good tablespoon of organic Coconut oil.The mushrooms soak up the oil. The breakfast weighs about 400grams. You will find you can easily miss lunch as this breakfast stops one feeling hungry for about 5-6 hours. The evening meal is also lighter and I get my greens then. An occasional splurge is no trouble. Generally a loaf of sourdough will last me more than one week. A litre of milk [full cream only!] several days. Avoid all processed polyunsaturated fats, crisco, canola oil etc. Avoid sugar substitutes, learn to avoid sweet foods, eat unsweetened yogurt instead.
    Eat lard, dripping, duck fat and coconut oil, cream and butter. It may not be what the standard advice is but that advice is wrong.Wild caught fish and grass fed [not grain finished] beef is the choice to make. Also eat fermented foods like sauerkraut, good for the gut bacteria.
    Try it and see
  6. Alistair
    I am 2 weeks into the LCHF diet. Could someone please give me the 'low down' on Tofu and Soya Milk. Can I incorporate them into my diet?
  7. Philip
    Tofu is just fine, about 2.5 grams carbohydrates per 100 grams. Its mentioned in the Atkins diet

    Also I make my own [the quality is far better than the commercial stuff] and eat it almost daily.

    Regarding the soy milk, you need to read the label on the container and see how much you can

    allow yourself in accordance with your carbohydrate budget.

  8. Philip
    Tofu is just fine, about 2.5 grams carbohydrates per 100 grams. Its mentioned in the Atkins diet

    also. I make my own [the quality is far better than the commercial stuff] and eat it almost daily.

    Regarding the soy milk, you need to read the label on the container and see how much you can

    allow yourself in accordance with your carbohydrate budget.

  9. John Doyle
    Here's another warning video about soy


  10. Philip
    Re tofu,

    Watch this for some balance, these arguments , opinions, ideas or whatever can go on forever.

    One good point is the fact that 1300,000,000 Chinese eat the stuff and have been doing so for

    a long time now and without trouble.That should count for something.


  11. Zepp
    "Evidence suggests that < or =10% of the Asian population consumes as much as 25 g of soy protein or 100 mg of isoflavones per day. The applicability of these findings for making soy intake recommendations for non-Asians is discussed."


    "Soybeans also contain potentially healthful compounds called phytoestrogens (also known as isoflavones), such as genestein, diadzein and others that are weak-acting estrogens. Phytoestrogens occupy estrogen receptors and thereby reduce the effect of one's potentially more potent endogenous (made in the body) estrogens. This may well be the reason for the lower incidence of breast and prostate cancer in Japan. However, seen in context with the whole diet, large doses of these phytoestrogens are not as healthy as smaller doses combined with all the other factors found in the traditional Japanese diet."


    If I was going for soy food I would go for Natto!


  12. Philip
    Interesting references. It should also be noted that the average consumption of tofu in China and

    Japan is about 10 grams ie about two teaspoons per day.These are very small portions in the

    eyes of a westerner and probably have a strong influence on this issue.

  13. Zepp
    And then whit tasting Natto and loving it!


    Then one have to trye the Swedish super food.. surströming.. its fermented herring.. smells like hell and taste worse then Natto!


    I can tell he is doing it wrong.. eat in a clam whit a lot of leek!

  14. Sharon Kenney
    Ever experienced this before? Been doing LCHF for 2 years. Do it because it's healthy didn't need to loose weight.
    Two months ago developed diarrhea. After several doctor visits and meds ended up really bad. On the advice of a pharmacist I stopped all dairy. Had ultra sound, blood work and nothing showed up in any tests. The diarrhea let up. Now I was doing a smoothie with kefir and whey protein, using cream and lots of cheese. My question is; could this be caused from lactose or am I
    allergic to dairy fats as well?
    I ended up with a specialist who said no one over 1 year old should drink milk but didn't know what was the problem, fat or lactose. He said try butter or cheese in a couple of months to see. Also would goat cheese still be a problem in your opinion?
    Thanks for any light you can shine on this problem. Really miss my dairy fats.
    Have had issues with lactose for a very long time, but thought kefir would help that.
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  15. Zepp
    Im lactose intollerante.. and I dont get diarea.. I get pain in the stommage from to much lactose.

    Probably not allergy against the fat.. some can be allergic against milk protein.. perticaly cow milk protein.

    I agre with that specialist.. milk is for children and calfs.

    Cheese is milk protein!

    It could be som Noro virus too.


  16. Sue
    I'm so confused on what I should be eating for calories.

    I started Atkins 2/3/14. I followed the book and lost 6 pounds the first week. 1/2 pound the second and nothing the third and nothing the 4th.

    I had my calorie intake to 1400 and thought maybe it was too high so dropped it to 1200 but no change. I'm eating about 5% carbs, 65% fat and 30% protein.

    I'm 5' 2" and 58 year old. I don't do much for exercise. Maybe a few walks a week along with normal housework.

    Any help would be really appreciated,

  17. Sue
    Oh and my weight is 132 and goal 122.
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  18. Zepp
    And what is your apetite telling you?

    You dont seems to be obese.. then its probably more about getting fitter?


  19. Sue
    No of course I'm not obese and have only been classified as overweight for two days. :) BUT I like to keep around a certain weight and I gain 10 to 18 every winter. Also I had a lot of pain in my body and staying off sugar pretty much controls that.
    So I can just go by my appetite? Isn't that how a lot of people GOT obese? Ya I'm a tad hungry once in a while.
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  20. Zepp
    Well healty induviduals supose to have a healty apetite.. its more importante that one eat real food.. for it to work!

    And a ketogenic diet supose to lower ones apetite if there is extra fat stored in the body.

    There are several causes of obesety.. but I dont think that force feeding is one of those?

    Try this one!


  21. Sue
    Thanks for the link. It looks just like Atkins and that's what I'm following. I am eating REAL foods totally.
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  22. Zepp
    Yes its all about ketogenic or low carb diets.. but it can be good to have other looks at it!

    Heres another one!


    And another!


    And heres about how it works!


  23. Philip
    Sue, it seems to me that you are eating too much protein. For a body weight of 132lbs you should

    need about 48- 60 grams per day of protein ie 192- 240 calories worth.ie about 15% of your

    1400 calorie intake.

    You can then increase your fat content to up to 80% and this should improve your weight loss.

  24. Sharon Kenney
    Thank you Zepp,
    I'm surprised you mentioned Norovirus. Didn't think that could last that long without others getting it too.
    So far without any dairy fat or protein I'm good. Some day I will get the courage up to add butter or cream to my diet again. Until then I use other healthy fats. I may try goat cheese sooner.
    Thanks again,
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  25. Zepp
    Try Coconut oil.. its easely digested and dont need any bile for uptake!
  26. Sue
    Thank you very much Philip and Zeppo. :)
  27. shane
    Ive been doing strict paleo diet now for over a month with Sundays as my only day to have carbs. I'm not losing weight. I'm not having dairy either.my typical day i have a protein shake with 1 tbls spoon of raw almonds bfast. and then lunch and dinner is a lean protein veggies steamed or salad (lettuce and tomatoes oil and vinegar ) and maybe sliced avocado. when im hungry ill eat only approved paleo food Ive cut out my apple daily as well. i sleep 10hours a day and work as a bartender witch is physical. no extra exercise. any suggestions. Again no butter no cream no cheese I really don't know what else to do. i feel as I'm doing everything correct water,lean protein steamed veggies little high fats, if i'm hungry ill eat but not in excessive amounts.
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  28. Zepp
    Eh.. what about real food for a change?

    Try it.. its not dangerus and one get satisfyed!


    If you gonna burn fat you need to eat fat.. make fat your main source of energy.

  29. shane
    OK after reading the above attached link I pretty much eat that way every day( hence my frustration ) minus any eggs or dairy ) ( i guess there's dairy in whey protein. Lean meats, plenty of veggies and salads,water,and again i eat till I'm full. i chose to go Paleo because i wanted to get my body and mind back to basics and for health reason.The only thing I got out of the article was to add some butter or cheese and i rarely eat eggs unless there just covered in cheese and even then kinda yuck! I guess the most frustrating thing is Ive watch all the diet doctor videos,changed the way i eat,i understand the concept,my above first post is exactly the way i live every day except a bad meal on Sundays my cheat day. I thank you for the time in responding to my above post but I'm sorry Im still frustrated. Thanks Shane....
  30. Trent Black
    I have a whole different take on this. If you are burning FAT as a body fuel, your blood sugar will be at a constant level. No up and down like on a carb diet. So there is no hunger. So why is there the panic about eating, and what to eat, and all the foods you can have? That is a carry over from the carb days. If you are short of fat in the diet or blood, as a body fuel, you burn body fat. Just be sure to take nutrients. Learn not to eat every often. People who fast then go low carb, find that meal times is a HABIT. After 3 days of fasting, they find they don't even like food that much.

    Many on Atkins go crazy on the protein, cause they carry those carb eating habits into the ketosis world. We run into a lot of issues on high protein diets. It usually starts with some nasty charlie horses, then gets worse. We try to stick to fats. Learn NOT TO EAT. Skip meals. You are not hungry, so stop eating. That panic of being hungry is from the carb diets.

    REMEMBER, you eat for 2 basic reasons: Nutrients and Body Fuel. You don't need that much in body fuel, anymore.

  31. Denise Butler
    Hi there,

    I am studying a postgraduate certificate of nutrition in Australia, and I read through the textbooks we are assigned and it is all "eat lots of grains and cut out the fats". I have to do a report on Obesity and Inflammation leading to chronic disease, with recommendations on how this can be approved. Are there any fantastic peer reviewed journal articles, reviews or meta analysis of LCHF and the benefits to reduce weight and inflammation from scientific journals that anyone knows of? Something really current would be fabulous. I may be going out on a limb as far as the establishment is concerned, and I am not sure how my report will be received, but if I can back it up with evidence, then I may be okay.


  32. Zepp
    As a student I think you can read those links here.. and find what you need!


    But.. I think its like Taubes says.. we realy dont know that much!


    And everyone cherrypicks what they belive in.. its the same for us!

    That with grains I think is that whole grains is better then flour/sugar.. not cutting flour.. but that was never tested!

  33. Bernie Byerrum
    I have had 2 heart attacks 2 years ago and triple bypass surgery. and a few months ago I had a defribrillator put in . After all that, is the LCHF diet ok for me? Also I am diabetic.
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  34. Zepp
    Well, for your diabetes it is the best diet plan.. and your CVD is probably be cause of that!

    You have to make a smoth transitation.. and check your other values in the mean time!

    First you get transitiation problems.. feel awful.. perticaly the first month.. then it lightens up.

    And in the meantime ones blood work can get beserk.. and stabilise to the better after a wail.

  35. Susan
    I subscribe to Diet Doctor and I find it all fascinating and the best part is that it makes sense.
    I belong to a hiking group and was talking about the LCHF lifestyle with several of my fellow hikers. I was told vehemently that LCHF is very bad. That two people they knew lived that lifestyle and they both died from liver cancer.
    Is this possible? That LCHF could cause cancer?
    I was hoping to post this privately as I do not want to put anything negative on such a great site, but I can't find a way to do so.
    I'm hoping you can set my mind at ease.
    Thank you
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  36. Steve
    My daughter (30 YO) is getting heart palpitations from a low carb diet. Can you tell me what causes this and how to fix it? Many thanks
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  37. Zepp
    Its comon transitation problems.. new fuel for the heart!

    And salt defiency is altso comon.. take salt in a glas of water and drink it.. if its gone.. then it was salt defiency!

    Another salt that one lose in the begining is magnesium.. its needed for muscles to work properly!


  38. Zepp
    I can asure you that one can fetch almoste any sort of diseases on a LCHF diet.. or any other diet.. except in the case of LCHF.. one probably dont get diabetes!

    Its funny.. that four letters make cancer in the liver??

    I know peopel that died.. and some did eat LCHF.. should I blame LCHF for that?

    One dont get cancer by eating real food.. but one can get cancer (any sort).. despite one eating real food!

  39. Kate
    I have been doing this LCHF for about a month and i lost 1.5 then picked it up. Constipation is a problem. This is what i eat-
    breakfast - 1 egg, cheese, 1 piece salami
    snack -1/2 cup greek yoghurt and a little cream in t
    Lunch- chicken thigh, some cabbage, broccoli, green beans, cheese, brussel sprouts
    supper - same as lunch just change the meat.
    Can someone tell me where im going wrong please :-)
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  40. Zepp
    Constipation is one of the beginners side effects.. its becuse one dont eat any waist to make the bowel movments.. ad some phsylium seeds and its gone!

    Wath a f**k.. why should people stick to this chicken thights.. let those calorie banting people have there chicken tights alone.. eat proper meals.. eat somthing with fat to it.. like entrecote.. or pork!

    Eat your pork with the rims on it!

    It supose to be a high fat diet.. then one dont eat that much of chiken tights.. becuse there are not that much of fat in those.. one nearly avoid chicken tights.. its not high fat.. one eats pork or entercotes instead!

  41. Kate
    Thanks for the reply. So im not eating enough fat? Ive now cut out the yoghurt and eating 2 scrambled eggs in morning rather. But I read on your site that i need to have 20g carbs. If I have 1/2 cup broccoli/ 1/2 cup cabbage, 5 green beans and 2 brussle sprouts (according to my calculation) that is roughly 20g carbs. Is that correct?
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  42. Zepp
    You dont need any carbs.. but you probably need some of the vitamines and minerals in those veggies.. and it becoms a more pleasent meal!

    And on top of that.. try to be as normal as posibly.. eating as normal meals as posibly.. becuse its more about a life style that could last!

  43. adriana
    Dr.Eenfeldt , no caso de hipoglicemia , qual carboidrato usar?
  44. Colin
    I have been on the low carb diet for 15 weeks . I lost 14lbs in the first 10 days and have lost little since. I am 6 foot 4 inches and started at 19 stone. I am now 17 stone 12 lbs. I had carb flu for 4 weeks but do not struggle with the diet now. However lose little weight. My main cheat is white wine. I used to drink 2 or 3 cans of beer most nights and crisps, but have cut that out.. I am 59 years old and am active. On these forums I have heard it is good to fast and also heard not to..
    I am positive about the diet ,but am on a plateau,also I notice my libido is low. I never thought I would stop ,but I am thinking of it. any ideas?
    Reply: #395
  45. Zepp
  46. J.F.
    I have been exploring your blog, and find the LCHF fascinating. I have actually started to apply some of the concepts to my diet. However, and perhaps I missed it, I am curious to find out what constitute (%cal or gm/day) constitute a low carb diet or a ketotic diet?

    Thanks in advance.

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  47. Martin
    Is a cholesterol test result different if it is done after fasting overnight or if you have just had a high fat breakfast?
    Reply: #398
  48. Zepp
    Yes it is.. becuse if you have eaten.. then it is the meal one measure!

    And perticly if one have eaten a high fat brekfast.. then it is the fat and cholesterol frome the meal.

    The thing one like to know is your fasting state.. its more static and tell something about your blood lipids as healt markers.

  49. Zepp
    Just start eating real food.. less carbs more fat.. and your demand of proteins!

    That there is moste sure to say is that one need 1 gram of protein/kilo a day as minimum.

    Carbs as lite one can.. or like, the rest is fat.. for energy!

    But such explanations is litle over the head for moste people.. so I provide a good link!


  50. rho
    I have been on this eating plan since March 1st and have not seen any weight loss. My total carbs are under 40 per day, with all coming from veggies and nuts so net carbs are lower, fat around 100g. I work out about 5 days per week, some jogging and some weight baring. I drink 100 oz of water per day and take in little sodium. What am I doing wrong???
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  51. Zepp
    You are not doing anything wrong.. you are changin fat for muscles!

    At least I think it is this you aim at?

  52. Martin
    I became interested in LCHF diets whilst I was researching solutions for candida. I do not not have nor have I ever had a weight problem. I was recently diagnosed with candida in my ears and have found that prescribed ear drops are not a permanent solution.

    Having read extensively about LCHF diets but I have found little evidence of curing candida by following a LCHF diet.

    Reply: #403
  53. Zepp
    Well mayby candida in your guts then.. but on the skin I dont think it have any effcts?

    Its a yeast fungus and we all got it in guts and on ouer skins.. but other mekanismes do control it.

    It doesent like a sour environment.. like if one got plenty of lactic bacterias in the guts.

  54. Eric Anderson
    QUestion about diet to reduce insulin and glucose:

    I use HFLC as my diet to reduce Insulin and glucose. Since I get very little glucose and trace amounts of carbohydrates in Cream (Lactose) and eggs (Glucose or glycogen??) would I expect to benifit from the glucose and insulin lowering effects and seeming lifespan increase fron glucosimine supplements? Eric

    Comment seems to work through lowering insulin levels and reduced glucose going into cells. (My insulin and glucose are low and I do not have lots of glucose. So could this help? Why not just eat the cartlidge from the cows and pigs and sheep? Is not that as much glucosimine as the supplements?

    A study conducted by scientists from ETH Zurich and other German research centers found out that glucosamine, an arthritis supplement, can extend the lifespan of a mouse by up to 10 percent.

    Michael Ristow, lead author of the study and a professor from ETH Zurich, added glucosamine to the diet of roundworms. They discovered that the supplement increased the subjects' lifespan by five percent. After that, they introduced glucosamine to mice that are 100 weeks old, equivalent to 65 years old for humans. The mice were divided into two groups; one that received glucosamine while the other was fed a similar diet with no glucosamine. Results showed that glucosamine was responsible for the eight percent increase in the mice's lifespan, which is equivalent to at least eight years for humans.

    Furthermore, the integration of glucosamine in the mice's diet showed that the substance acted as prevention for diabetes, shielding the mice from developing this common disease of the elderly.

    Glucosamine is readily available in drug stores as a supplement for arthritis and to help patients diagnosed with joint degeneration. Previous studies also showed that it can delay the growth of cancer cells and impedes the metabolism of sugars.

    Further analysis showed that glucosamine also helps in the breakdown of amino acids for the worms and mice. Amino acids are essential components of proteins, and when there is a low supply of carbohydrates, the body turns to them for energy supply.

    "This reflects the metabolic state of a low-carb diet due to glucosamine supplementation alone - while these mice ingested the same amount of carbohydrates as their unsupplemented counterparts," Bristow said in a press release.

    This shows that glucosamine may be used by humans to induce a low-carb diet while maintaining the carb requirements on a regular diet.

    Further details of this study were published in the April 8 issue of Nature Communications.

  55. Robli
    new findings appear to contradict LCHF
    University College of London: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health: Oyebode O,
    Gordon-Dseagu V, Walker A, et al.

    "Conclusions A robust inverse association exists between fruit and vegetable consumption and mortality, with benefits seen in up to 7+ portions daily. Further investigations into the effects of different types of fruit and vegetables are warranted."
    Appears to indicate that more fruit and vegetables (=carbs) provides improved risk for heart disease, stroke, T2DM, and obesity.

    Your comments would be most welcome. Thanks

  56. Sophie
    I don'T see how this contradicts LCHF. It only says that eating more fruit and veggies is better than eating less fruits and veggies.

    LCHF does not imply not eating vegetables anymore. You can have a produce rich diet that also contains a lot of fat. A high produce diet is not necessarily high in carbs.

    The most important carbs to reduce to follow an LCHF is grains and processed sugars.

    The study did not measure grain, sugar, meat or fat. I don't even see how it relates to LCHF.

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