The Purpose of Diet Doctor

To tell you about the Diet Doctor organization and its purpose – to revolutionize the health of humankind – we need to start with a story.

You’re probably aware that there’s a huge problem in the world today. It’s causing suffering and disease for billions of people (yes, that’s billions with a B). And the knowledge needed to fix this problem forever already exists.

The Problem

The problem is the epidemic of obesity, type 2 diabetes and related illnesses. These diseases – and more – are all mainly caused by our industrial Western diet and the situation is highly profitable, for some.


The food industry profits from selling cheap, low-fat, highly processed, nutritionally depleted and addictive food. And we’re advised to eat at least every three hours. The pharmacological industry profits by selling daily medication to manage (not cure) all the diseases caused by the food.

In most countries around the world a third of the population or more are already obese and/or sick because of this situation, and it’s getting worse all the time. The more processed food we’re encouraged (fooled) to consume, the sicker we get.

The Solution

The solution already exists. It’s very simple:


Yes, that’s basically it. Although there are details too: if you want to lose weight effortlessly or improve your diabetes you should probably make a special effort to drastically reduce the carbohydrates, especially sugar and processed starch (like flour).

Natural fat, like butter? Eating that is fine. Red meat? That’s fine too. Calories? That’s just another, bizarre, name for food. Eating real food is perfectly fine, as long as you are hungry. Counting calories and ignoring your hunger is an eating disorder.

Exercise? That’s great for your health and well-being, but it’s never going to make you thin. You cannot outrun a bad diet.

There’s only one long-term solution that is truly effective. Eat real food, when you are hungry.

Why Change Is so Slow

So if the problem is so huge, and the solution already exists – why is the problem not solved already?

TIME: Eat ButterBecause of inertia, old dogma and vested interests. Primarily it’s just hard for us humans to change our minds. It takes time.

The mistaken fear of natural fat is still just about alive, like some kind of half-dead zombie – even though modern science has thoroughly disproven it. The magazine TIME even put this fact on their cover in 2014. Fearing natural fat leads to even more high-carb, high-sugar junk food – so it’s been a really bad idea.

There is also massive money to be made from the status quo. The entire food and pharmaceutical industries depend on it, and they employ armies of lobbyists and even researchers.

The food industry wants to divert the blame from their own bad food (the real problem) to their consumers. Thus their emphasis on calorie counting, “personal responsibility” and exercise.

The pharmacological industry does not want people to get well. It’s easy to understand why. That would put them out of business.

The government would love to improve the health of the people, but official agencies move slowly and they are easy prey for trained lobbyists and influencers. Just look at Michelle Obama’s sadly failed “Let’s Move” campaign. As soon as the junk-food industry got involved it all turned into empty pep talk, with no real change that anybody truly believes in.

Bringing the Solution to the People

As no solution is coming from the top, it can only come from the bottom, from people like you and me. And it will, because nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

The Diet Doctor organization wants to speed this process up and we have a plan to do it. We want to make it much more simple to understand and get inspired to revolutionize your health. And then for you to help other people – your friends, family, etc. – to revolutionize their health.

Then the cycle can repeat, at ever greater scale.

There’ll be much more information here shortly. At the moment you can use the menu at the top of the page to find our best guides. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly newsletter. If you do it now you also get access to a free video course on eating LCHF:

About Andreas Eenfeldt, M.D.

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor specialized in family medicine.

During the last seven years Dr. Eenfeldt has authored the biggest health blog in Sweden and a #1 best-selling book on nutrition that’s been translated to eight languages, including English. He may be partly responsible for a recent butter shortage in his home country, and one of his conference presentations on LCHF has been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube.

Dr. Eenfeldt spent twelve years working as a doctor and eight of those years as a family physician, treating patients with LCHF diets. During that time he witnessed tremendous success for people with obesity and type 2 diabetes. But despite that, helping one person at a time couldn’t change the status quo. So in 2015 he quit.

Now he runs the fast-growing health site as the founder and owner, together with 16 co-workers.

Dr. Eenfeldt lives in Karlstad, Sweden with his girlfriend and their two young daughters. He spends just about all his waking hours either with his family or working on


Direct support questions about the membership, newsletter etc. to (answer within 24 hours)

If you want to contact me send an email to Please note that I still manage to read all my emails but have limited time to answer – and I can not give personal medical advice about diet or health over email.

Swedish Blog (Read it translated by Google)

The Food Revolution

This talk by me summarizes the ongoing revolution. How we realize old mistakes and the most effective way to improve our health and weight.


Do you want to help change the world? There are many things you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be a positive example and inspire the people around you (answering their questions is more effective than trying to persuade someone who isn’t ready).
  • Learn more. These blogs are a good place to start, and there are some excellent books (1, 2, 3) on the subject.
  • Teach others: Comment on blogs and discussion forums and in papers, start a blog yourself, prepare a lecture, talk to your doctor.
  • Feel free to spread the link to and the talk on YouTube above. You may also use anything you find on this page in whatever way you like.
  • Do you have any other ideas? Please tell me in the comments section below.
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  1. Yeon
    Is this diet recommended as "healthy" to all people regardless of cultural background, past- dietary habits, or personal body type?
    I have really suffered a lot from what people call "keto flu" for about 4 months.

    Before starting this diet, i followed asian- plain diet for my entire life which includes small portion of meat and dairy (probably once or twice a week), and LOTS of carbs(rice) and vegges. I was underweight and yes, lack of muscle, silghtly high in fat.
    So i started to excersie and switched my diet to 90% strict low carb diet.

    Since then i'm having hard time for dealing with digestive issue(bloating and costipation), haire loss, dry eye, dry mouth, low stomach acid, weird body odor, menstrual irregularity.
    I drink tons of water, like 3~4 liters of clean water.. but the thirst isn't going away.

    I don't have any particular health issue,,,, nothing but my liver which is little bit low-functioning comparing to really healthy and active people's.

  2. Barry Pawelek
    Would like to talk to someone to see if we can work out a program for the transportation industry
  3. Sofia
    Hi Andreas,
    I´m not overweight or have health issues. I just needed to loose 2-3 kilos. I´ve been low carb for a year but still could not loose the "muffin top" . All of my life I tried to loose belly with no success. I tried everything there is: diets, excercise, mesotherapy. After watching Dr.Fung´s interview, I was curious, I snack a lot, so I decided to give intermittent fasting a try. I´m so amazed at the wonderful results. After only 3 days of intermittent fasting, I lost 1.5 kilos and my waist has shrinked a lot. The fat just melted. i´m so happy. Fasting is not difficult at all and I enjoy food even more than before. I feel my skin really improved as well. In just 3 days! I can´t wait to see how I will be doing after 2 weeks of intermittent fasting. Thanks so much Diet Doctor !!!
    Sofia, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  4. Sofia
    Have you tried intermittent fasting? I used to eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks. I could not loose any weight. When I tried intermittent fasting ( I skip breakfast now, eat lunch at 1 pm and eat dinner at 8pm, no snacks), I managed to loose the weight ! The fat just melted away.
  5. Richard Pletcher
    I would like to know what the cost of membership is beyond the free month. You might get a better response if you put cost page to the site.


    Reply: #556
  6. Hi Richard!
    It's free to try the membership out for a month. If you continue a second month it's $9 per month until you cancel.

    Of course membership is not required, it's for bonus material and if you want to support the site.

  7. MJ
    Hello Dr. Eenfeldt,

    Thank you so much for your informative LCHF site and the opportunity to be a member.
    I asked my doctor to refer me to an Internist after she told me that an ultrasound of my liver revealed gall stones and mild inflammation around the liver(NAFLD). I had that appointment to day and much to my disappointment, I was told that all I could do is to lose weight and that a LCHF diet would make matters worse for me. I cannot seem to lose the weight on this diet with the ease that others on your blog have mentioned. I track my macronutients and usually eat between 20-25 net carbs (under 50 carbs total per day) and my protein is 15-20%. Fats are usually 67-75%. I do count calories as I have been programmed to due to years of dieting. Please let me know if you have LCHF coaches as I think I could use one. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO TO SUPPORT THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS YOUR BLOG.

  8. Gordon
    My login is not working, and the system fails to recognise my email address?

    The contact link at the bottom of the page does not work either???

    Reply: #571
  9. Gunilla
    I am trying to cancel my membership. Went into account, can't find anywhere "cancel membership" as suggested. Please cancel, have no time left in the day to follow the site.
  10. Linda
    I am a 1 hour old member and I have a question regarding foods that I preserve myself. Is there any cautions to canned vegetables that I preserve?
  11. john
    Hi... I just wanted to add a little user content in case you don't have this. Here is a link to a video that was made in Australia.

    If you already have or have seen it, apologies in advance....

    If you haven't seen it... then its pretty interesting...

  12. Roisin
    Hello ! Thank you for this wonderful site/blog. It has changed my life!
    I have a question.....I come from a family of diabetes and obesity. My mother developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with me that then stayed with her and my three siblings have developed type 2 diabetes in their 20s. They are all obese. While my BMI usually stayed under 25, by age 31 I realised something was terribly wrong. I realise now I was pre diabetic ..I had the signs and symptoms of hyperinsulinemia and was addicted to sugar. Since age 10 I have suffered with severe irritable bowel ( think pretty much constant diarrhoea with blood, mucous pain etc) To make a long story short ..within a week of starting the lchf diet my IBS was cured and I feel so much better and am losing weight so easily. Thank you so much . But now I realise my body was in a state of severe inflammation for 20 years . What damage has been done ? Will I be able to recover from the damage that has been done to my body ? To my coronary and vascular system ? My bowels were obvious. ..but who knows what was happening to those other systems. I did what the doctors told me....I reduced the "rich foods (aka everything I should have eaten !) And increased the high carb foods...just so unbelievable . I didn't know what I was doing to my body. So thank you again...any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !!
  13. Colin B Maharaj
    I have learned quite a bit about this stuff and other things to make health right.
    I have even experimented on myself and others and seen amazing results.
    I want to either lecture or write a book or something, but I am not a doctor.
    Where should I begin?

    PS: Great Site, and thanks..

    Andreas, please keep up the the brave fight .....
  15. Valorie
    I cannot get to my account it is not recognizing my email or my password please help me
    Reply: #566
  16. Inger Swanberg

    For customer support please email

    / Inger Swanberg
    Team Diet Doctor

  17. Kathryn
    I'm discouraged for my husband, he has been on LCHF diet since March 2015, happily he lost 25 lbs. and test results for fatty liver have greatly improved, but other health markers have not improved as great as we had hoped. He is eating around 50 grams of carbs a day, sometimes less. He also is suffering quite badly with reflux, we thought it had improved in the beginning so he stopped taking meds but symptoms reoccurred so he is back on Nexium. Should he stay on the diet and cut back further on the carbs, will the health markers get better as time goes on? We thought so highly of the diet from the beginning but we are a little discouraged. Has anyone else gone through this? Any advice/encouragement would be appreciated.

    Liver ALT was 95 now 24
    Liver AST was 52 now 22
    LDL was 3.45 now 4.06
    HDL was 0.87 now 1.05
    Fasting Glucose was 5.7 now 5.9
    Hemoglobin A1C was 6.2 now 5.9

  18. Rick

    I found out I was diabetic a few weeks age. That same day I watched your interview with Dr. Jay Wortman. I knew I had hope of turning this around. When first measured my blood-sugar read 345. I was 220 lbs. and had high blood pressure. The Doctor put me on metaformin, 1,000 mg. once a day. Plus I am taking a high blood pressure medicine. I started a ketogenic diet immediately (the same day I was diagnosed) and have been on it for three weeks without any cheating. My blood-sugar dropped down quickly and is now in the range of 120 with lower reading usually in the afternoon as low as 99. I have lost about three to four lbs I am guessing and walking 45 min. plus twice a day. I met with a Endocrinologist a week ago who uses the ketogenic diet. When I asked her about it she referred to the diet as low carbs and high protein. They don't see high fat as part of the equation. This concerned me a bit and told her I am continuing on the low carb, high fat diet. When I told her my goal was to get off the medication as soon as possible, her reply was, "we will see." This concerned me as well. I was not impressed at all with the service they were providing in helping people work towards reversing this. I am! I am looking for another doctor who will work with me on my goal, but have not found one yet. Usually at what point can one stop taking the medication? Dr. Jay said medication should be lowered once the diet begins. I need a yard stick so I can keep my doctor in line if I have to continue using her and have an idea when it would be safe to drop the medication.


  19. Jerry
    Where can I find information about the HEAL clinic in Durham North Carolina.
  20. Charles Chambers
    So here is a question I pretty sure your not getting.....

    Let's say I know what my BMR is... say 1750.....if I follow a LCHF approach (diet.... I hate that word) and I stick to the ratios of 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% or so can I achieve the same out come and preserve my lean body mass if the calories are restricted to 1450.....
    This is a question I have never seen asked or answered by anyone in the LCHF realm.

    So, if I restrict my total calories to 1450 and truly keep my approach to 70-20-10 can and would I be able to loose weight and preserve my lean body mass.....

    If you answer this, this would help a lot of people.
    please feel free to do so.....

    Charlie Chambers
    990 Doire Dr.
    Conroe, TX. 77301
    936-900-3777 CST

  21. Me either
    I can't either Gordon, did you get yours resolved? I always use the same email so what the heck, I'll be charged another $9 soon. Jill
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