How to Lose 150 Pounds on Low Carb – and Keep it Off For Five Years!

Desi Miller lost 150 pounds on an LCHF diet five years ago, and she’s managed to keep it off.

Here she tells her story and the secrets she’s found to maintaining weight loss – including the emotional side of it.

This interview was done on the recent Low-Carb Cruise. It’s been available on our membership site for a month but I want everyone to be able to see it, so now it’s free for everyone.

Do you know anyone who would benefit from watching it? Feel free to share the link.

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Mushroom Cauliflower Low-Carb Risotto


Have you tried low-carb risotto made with cauliflower rice?

Here’s another recipe from popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Åse Falkman Fredrikson.

Mushroom Cauliflower Risotto

The best compliment I’ve received on my mushroom risotto was when a blog reader told about her son who was graduating from cooking school, and used this recipe, and received much praise for the dish. One of the reviews of the guests was “the best risotto I’ve ever had,” and I hope that you too will like it!


Ingredients, 4 servings

½ pound (250 g) mushrooms
1¼ cups (300 ml) broth (I used chicken bouillon)
7 fluid ounces (200 ml) heavy cream
3 shallots
2 garlic cloves
1 cauliflower head
7 fluid ounces (200 ml) dry white wine
7 fluid ounces (200 ml) coarsely grated parmesan cheese
Fresh thyme
Salt, pepper

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Loads of Delicious Low-Carb Recipes

Lately we’ve added loads of delicious low-carb recipes to this site. Unfortunately it’s been very hard for people to find their favorites, as earlier recipes have been buried under newer blog posts.

Today this all changes, as we launch our brand new recipe section. Check it out:

Low-Carb Recipes

What do you think? And how can we improve our recipe section even more? What kind of recipes would you like to see more of?


Do you want to find the recipe section again in the future? Just click “Low Carb” in the top menu and then “Recipes” in the new submenu just below it.


Welcome to the New Diet Doctor Site!

New Design

Does this site look different today? You’re not imagining it, we just launched a major ongoing redesign.

For a long time you have told us that it’s too hard to find what you are looking for at DietDoctor. The purpose of the redesign is to make it MUCH easier to find the most important content. Thus we’ve moved the blog away from the Diet Doctor homepage. Instead we devote the main page to links to our best content, so that it’s easy to find.

To find the blog, press “news” in the brand new top menu. There you can also always find links to the blog news page, etc., in the top right corner.

We’re also working on massive redesigns, additions and improvements on our main pages, like those about LCHF, Weight Loss and Diabetes. These updates will go live as soon as they are ready.

Remember this redesign is very much a work in progress. We launch it now fully aware that everything is not perfect yet. We’ll keep improving everything as fast as we can.

Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

What do you think about the new site? Is anything not working right? Do you have any improvements you’d like to suggest?


Coconut and Chocolate Mousse à la LCHF


Do you want dairy-free chocolate mousse? It’s relatively low in sugar, all from the very dark chocolate.

It’s not for every day, but it can be a good dessert option for special occasions (unless of course you are addicted to sweets, then it’s never a good idea).

This is another recipe from popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Åse Falkman Fredrikson.

Coconut and Chocolate Mousse

chocmoussenutriThis chocolate mousse is delicious and completely dairy free!

Ingredients, 4 servings

1¾ cups (400 ml) creamy coconut milk
2 egg yolks
3½ oz (100 g) dark chocolate (at least 70%)
1 vanilla stem

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