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The Only Low-Carb Doctor in Saudi Arabia?

Do you have a hard time finding a doctor that knows about low carb? Try moving to Saudi Arabia. They have massive problems with obesity and diabetes, and last year perhaps only one doctor was using low carb: Dr. Riyad Q. Alghamdi.

Here’s my brief interview with Dr. Alghamdi from the LCHF convention last year. He’s been quite successful on low carb himself, losing 40 kilos (88 pounds) and getting rid of his acne, among other things. Now he’s doing a study on a low carb intervention for his patients.

Good luck Dr. Alghamdi! Saudi Arabia needs more bold and thinking people like you.

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Noakes Hearing to Continue in 2016

The Church of Dietetics HPCSA hearing against Professor Noakes that was originally scheduled for June and postponed to November did not manage to finish in time. Thus it will continue next year – February 8 until February 17.

Much ado about a tweet.

news24: Noakes hearing to continue in 2016

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Church of Dietetics Vs. Galileo… Sorry, Professor Timothy Noakes – Hearing Starts Again Today


The case of the church of Dietetics vs. Professor Timothy Noakes restarted again in South Africa today, after being postponed from the original June date.

Professor Tim Noakes – perhaps the world’s foremost advocate for LCHF for obesity and diabetes – was recently reported by the Association for Dietitians in his country. This after a tweet recommending a lower-carb diet for a child. An innocent piece of advice if you ask me.

Now there’s a big trial. Much ado about a tweet, due to fossils of the past feeling threatened by the future and overreacting. But hopefully something good will come out of this mess.

Follow the trial

You can follow the hearing on Twitter using the hashtag #NoakesHPCSA. You can also sign the petition to support him like over 17,000 people.

There are also almost live updates during the day at

More about the background here:

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A Worldwide Nutrition Revolution: What Is Next?

A Worldwide Nutrition Revolution – Prof. Tim Noakes4.8 out of 5 stars5 star87%4 star6%3 star2%2 star4%1 star0%47 ratings471:06:09

Professor Tim Noakes has made a huge impact in South Africa, helping tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives – losing weight effortlessly and reversing diabetes – on LCHF diets (or Banting, as it’s often called in South Africa).

Professor Noakes has been viciously attacked for this, by people who are still stuck in conventional dogma. How can so many experts be so wrong about nutritional science? How can they believe that all kinds of things are proven, when they are not?

I warmly recommend this insightful presentation by Professor Tim Noakes, from the LCHF Convention in Cape Town. It’s his defense against his critics. It’s his explanation for how these so-called experts can all be wrong, and how he can be right.

There’s a simple answer – the bar for evidence has been set far too low, completely ignoring the classic Bradford-Hill criteria. The bar has been set so low in fact, that you can quite easily “prove” that any food causes anything.

Watch the presentation

You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars from the organizers. Or you can watch this talk on our member pages:

Watch the presentation on the membership pages

Sign up for a free membership trial in a minute and you can see it instantly – as well as many other video courses, movies, interviews, presentations, Q&A with experts, etc.

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Sugar Coated Exposes Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies

The movie Sugar Coated had its US premiere a week ago, and now I’ve had the privilege of seeing it. If you’re at all interested in the sweet little lies of Big Sugar, this is a movie for you.

Do you want to know exactly how Big Sugar’s tactics mirror the lies of Big Tobacco fifty years ago? What shameless tactics they use to keep fooling the world – everyone you know – as long as possible?

The story starts with exposed internal sugar industry documents, as described by science writer Gary Taubes a couple of years ago. And the movie ends where we stand today, with Big Sugar in the media spotlight and on the brink of disaster. It’s an interesting ride.

The only problem with the movie is we don’t get to see the end, because it hasn’t happened yet. Will Big Sugar somehow manage to keep fooling everyone?

I wouldn’t bet on it, no matter how many sleazy scientists and experts they keep buying. Their fall from power seems to be very near. And this movie will only accelerate it.

Watch it

Watch the trailer for Sugar Coated above. If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa or Australia you can watch the movie online as video on demand.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think about it? Leave a comment below.


US Premiere of the Movie Sugar Coated – Watch It Online

Today is the US premiere of Sugar Coated. It’s an “eye-opening feature documentary that examines the various tactics of the sugar industry that have many health experts calling sugar the new tobacco”. And it features people like Gary Taubes and Dr. Robert Lustig. Should be interesting.

Press info

Watch the trailer above. If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa or Australia you can watch the movie online as Video on Demand.


The Key to Obesity – and Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight after the summer? Then you probably know that an LCHF diet is a good beginning. For many, a strict LCHF diet is all that is needed.

For others, LCHF doesn’t do the job well enough. If that includes you, you can check out the page with more tips for how to lose weight.

If you want new insights that will take you all the way to your dream weight I highly recommend this presentation by the brilliant and entertaining Dr. Jason Fung, from the LCHF convention in South Africa.

You can watch a short clip above. Why is there an epidemic of obesity in 6 months old babies? It’s hardly caused by babies exercising less these days! One probable reason is what happens to the baby in the uterus. This and other clues leads to fascinating conclusions with huge practical implications for deciding not only what to eat but also when, to lose weight.

The full presentation is available on our membership page (free trial one month) or you can buy access to all presentations of the LCHF summit for a one-time fee of $49 – all of which goes to the organisers and funds future conferences.

The Key to Obesity

After watching this presentation I thought further about not only what I eat, but also when I eat. The result? I lost an additional 5 lbs (2 kg) without effort, or hunger. My weight has now been stable at exactly the same as when I was 20 years old – 203 lbs (92 kg) to my 6’7″ (202 cm). My BMI is now exactly 22.5.

This additional small weight loss was nothing I needed or strived for, but it’s fascinating how simple it has been to consistently weigh exactly the same at age 43 as at 20.

An LCHF diet is all very well, but Dr. Fung points to an important point. Common obesity is not just caused by carbs, it’s caused by the fat-storing hormone insulin. Large amounts of carbohydrates is the main cause of elevated insulin, but there are several other important causes. When you eat is also very important.

Watch the Presentation

Learn more here: The Key to Obesity

The full presentation is available on the membership pages and you can try the membership with a free trial month.

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The 2 Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Jason Fung

Why is the conventional treatment of Type 2 Diabetes an utter failure? Why do we consider it normal that everyone is getting sicker while on conventional treatment? Simple. It’s because we’re treating this common disease completely backwards.

Fortunately there is one doctor who can explain this complicated subject in a remarkably simple to understand and even entertaining way: the Canadian nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung. Here’s another treat for everyone who wants more of his piercing insights.

This presentation – The 2 Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes – was recorded earlier this year at the LCHF Convention in South Africa. There are two ways for you to see it online:

Two Options

  1. Sign up for the entire online convention – 30 presentations by the top LCHF experts in the world – for a one-time fee of $69 dollars or $49 dollars using this link. This online convention is highly recommended. Note that every cent goes to the organizers (we get none of it) and any surplus will help them fund future conferences.
  2. See the presentation on the Diet Doctor membership pages. Membership is free to try for a month (then $9 per month, cancel any time). It gives you instant access to video courses, interviews, presentations, Q&A with experts, movies, etc. Fees are used to fund Diet Doctor and keep the site 100% free of ads and corporate interests.

Watch instantly on member site: The 2 Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

Try membership one month for free


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The World’s Top LCHF Conference is Finally Online!

A few months ago the world’s top LCHF experts gathered in lovely Cape Town, South Africa, for a massive four day conference. I was there presenting as well. It truly felt like a historic gathering.

Unfortunately not everyone can go to Cape Town, even for an occasion like this. Over 600 people participated, but most of the people around the world who would have wanted to be there sadly missed it.

Now it’s possible to watch all the 30 presentations online, as the online LCHF Convention launched today.

You can check out previews from the presentations for free. The entire online convention is $69 but the presenters – including me – get to invite people for only $49, so following this link you get that significant discount:

The Low Carb High Fat Convention Online

As an added bonus you also get access to transcripts of all the presentations and handy direct links for any studies and articles discussed.

I highly recommend the online LCHF convention, it’s a convenient recording of an historic event.

Regarding the Cost

Note that we get no part of the price of the conference – even if you follow the discounted link above. We never do affiliate marketing here at Diet Doctor for credibility reasons.

The full price of the online conference goes to the organizers (they are well worth it!) and will hopefully cover the significant cost of filming, editing and transcribing four days of presentations. Any surplus will help the organizers set up new LCHF conferences. The next ones are preliminarily planned for London and Washington!


The Caribbean Low-Carb Cruise

Independence of the Seas

Independence of the Seas

Last week we were on this year’s Caribbean low-carb cruise. No doubt the most spectacular trip of the year!

As posted here earlier, a total of 11 people from Team Diet Doctor participated. Our goal was to record interviews and presentations, and to exchange ideas with our American friends. In addition we talked to potential collaborators (while enjoying a beautiful view) and discussed how we can work more efficiently within the Diet Doctor team.

Believe it or not, the trip really isn’t just sun and fun. I myself have worked so hard that I haven’t even had time to write a proper blog post about the trip! Therefore we invited our team member Tommy Runesson to write a report with lots of pictures.  Here’s Tommy:

Guest Post by Tommy Runesson

The annual Low-Carb Cruise (LCC) in the Caribbean is over. Almost 195 participants and quite a number of nationalities represented. Of course there were many participants from the US, but I think that Sweden could have been the second in number of participants. There were almost 20 people from Sweden and Norway, which was fun. Other nations represented were Australia, South Africa, Brazil and the UK.
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