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A Food Revolution in South Africa

I’m about to leave South Africa after a great week. Apart from just enjoying this fantastic place we (me, Monique Forslund and professor Tim Noakes) did three lectures on LCHF, and one debate, at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and at the University of Cape Town Medical School.

It really feels like professor Noakes has started a LCHF revolution in South Africa that might one day catch up to the one in Scandinavia. A lot of smart people – like doctors, students and health coaches – are starting to fully get it. It feels like it did in Sweden a couple of years ago (we’ve gotten even further now).

I’ll end by quoting a tweet from professor Noakes from after the last event – that went two hours over because of all the questions – at UCT:

“Fat power”. I like it.


World’s Biggest LCHF Health Summit Coming!


This is going to be exciting. Late next month (20-22 February), the world’s biggest summit on LCHF diets and health will take place.

The meeting is in Cape Town, South Africa where such food has become extremely popular in recent years. This after the legendary professor of exercise and sports medicine Tim Noakes attracted much attention in the country with his complete about-face in recommending such food – not only for weight loss and diabetes but also for many endurance athletes.

The gathering of the world’s foremost experts on low-carbohydrate diets is perhaps the biggest ever (with competition only in recent years with ASBP/NMS meetings in the US). I’m in it too:


Do you want to combine a holiday from winter in summer-warm and wonderful Cape Town with learning more about health and weight? Then this conference is for you.

The first two days are primarily directed towards professional health workers – such as physicians, researchers, nurses – while the last day is clearly directed at the public. This means that there will be more medical jargon during the first two days. If you’re fine with that you’re of course welcome during those days too.

Read more about the summit and the program

Those who don’t want to go all the way to Cape Town will of course see plenty of reports from the summit here at Diet Doctor.

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LCHF on Australia’s Biggest Science Show!


Things are happening! The other day an excellent TV show aired about the benefits of LCHF-like food. This on Australia’s biggest science show, Catalyst.

The show is not only about how LCHF may reduce appetite, produce weight loss without hunger or improve diabetes. It also goes into how this kind of food may help some top athletes to better performance.

Watch the episode for free online:

Catalyst: Low-carb diet: fat or fiction? (30 minutes long)

The show features professor Tim Noakes and professor Steve Phinney. Continue Reading →


New Year’s Tip: The Benefit of Not Smoking


Are you looking to quit smoking now that the new year is here? Then the statistics below – from a new article in The Lancet - may make you go for it.

A Decade

The graphs below illustrate how big the chance is for a 30-year-old to survive until a certain age, depending on wether they smoke or not:


What do the graphs show us? That non-smokers live on average a decade longer than smokers. The chance of reaching your 80th birthday is now good in the western world… unless you’re a smoker. Then you’ll probably die earlier.

Previous smokers who quit, according to the same article, dramatically improve their odds. They will live almost as long as people who never smoked.

Do you want to see your grandchildren grow up? Then dump the cigarettes.

The Taxation Route

The article also includes intriguing figures on what happens in countries applying a hefty penalty tax on cigarettes. Presumably, a similar tax on sugar would yield similar results: Continue Reading →


Don’t Fear Fat! Here’s the Documentary Cereal Killers


The documentary Cereal Killers has now been released on internet. It follows Donal O’Neill, who tries to avoid walking in his father’s footsteps (with heart disease) by eating a high-fat diet.

The hour-long movie follows his experiences during four weeks of high-fat dieting, including careful medical examinations. Don’t miss the surprised lab technician 48 minutes into the movie. Donal’s basic metabolic rate increased according to the examinations, which the technician says he’s never seen before and can’t figure out why it happened. Perhaps he needs to read up a little.

In the movie we can also see Professor Tim Noakes from South Africa, Dr. Briffa from England and an Australian cricket team.

Well worth watching for 5 dollars:


Your iPhone Gives You Cancer – But Protects You From Malaria!


*** Warning – irony below! ***

Do you have an iPhone? Beware: according to new studies, having an iPhone increases your risk for breast and prostate cancer!

However, your iPhone will protect you from infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and HIV. Hence, you don’t need to take malaria prophylaxis when traveling with your iPhone.

The above has been proven in many new scientific studies on cell phone habits among millions of people around the world. The map above is one example. Areas with many cell phones show an increased risk for cancer, while areas with few cell phones show an increased risk for malaria and certain other infections.


South Africa is tragically hard hit by HIV, despite many cell phones. This is the “South African Paradox”. Researchers speculate that perhaps wine drinking offers protection. Continue Reading →


More and More Visits to

Visits for Diet Doctor

Wow. More and more people are being told about this site. The number of visits are increasing every week and yesterday was a new record: More than 16,000 visits in a day. The chart above shows the number of daily visits since 2011.

A big thanks to everybody telling their friends about this site. There’s a lot of disastrous misinformation about diet and health out there, resulting in millions of people suffering needlessly. Together we can help at least some of them.


So who visited yesterday? Most people were from the US (10,776), Canada (1,102), the UK (972) and Australia (463). Also there were quite a few South Africans (195). The food revolution is getting started there as well.

All in all there were visits from 116 countries. Where are you from?


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Going to Cape Town and Other Exciting Developments

Cape Town

A lot of exciting things are happening now and it’s hard to find the time for everything.

Today I’m going to Oslo, Norway to speak at a low carb conference.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Cape Town, South Africa. Me and another Swede, Monique Forslund (LCHF author and born in South Africa), are going to lecture on low carb. We’ll present and debate at the Sports Science Institute, invited by professor Tim Noakes who initiated the event.

Noakes is a legendary sports scientist (and a demigod in South Africa I hear) who’s realized the benefits of a low carb lifestyle. After improving his own health and reading all of the new low carb science he has completely changed his diet recommendations for athletes. He’s started a low carb fever in South Africa that rivals the popularity in Sweden.

More about the (sold out) debate:


We’ll also do another public lecture in Cape Town, among other things. Should be an interesting week!

Even apart from all of the above these are exciting times. There are big long-term plans for this site.