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Saturated Fat Completely Safe According to New Big Review of all Science!

Good fat, good fat, good fat.

Good fat, good fat, good fat.

Are butter, and other saturated fats, bad for us? No.

Yet another new major review of all good science shows that saturated fat is as harmless as other natural fats, whether unsaturated or polyunsaturated.

This review goes through all observational studies and randomized intervention studies of high quality that have been done. Which means all the best science available on the subject:

The result? People who eat a lot of butter or other saturated fats don’t get sicker. And people who reduce their butter intake don’t get any better. There simply is no connection between butter and heart disease.

The same result – that butter is completely harmless – has recently been shown in major reviews of all science time after time, again and again and again and again.

When are older so-called experts going to give up their outdated and unscientific warnings about butter? It’s time to embrace science.

Today, fear of butter lacks scientific support. It’s based on old preconceptions and on an inability to update knowledge.

If you want to be taken seriously as a “nutrition expert” you’d better keep updated. It’s not good enough to continue spreading ideas from the 80′s about fat, ideas that have long since been refuted.

There has to be a limit to how long you can bury your head in the sand. Or what do you think?

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Lots of Australians Watched the Saturated Fat Myth-Busting

The science program Catalyst about the real cause of heart disease (no, it’s not butter) was the most watched non-news program of the day in Australia. Almost one million people watched it. Pretty good.


Heart Doctor: Time to Bust the Myth about Saturated fat and Heart Disease


More and more people are questioning the silly old-fashioned fear of butter. A heart doctor writes in the latest issue of the respected British Medical Journal that it’s time to bust the myth that saturated fat has anything to do with heart disease.

A number of papers report on this and the heart doctor was on British morning TV today (watch).


Stunning: Saturated Fat and the European Paradox

Wow. This is mindblowing.

Have you heard about the French Paradox? French people traditionally eat a lot of saturated fat, like butter – yet they generally have less heart disease than other populations. A lot of brainpower has been wasted to explain this – do perhaps the red wine protect them?

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Saturated Fat: the Advice and the Science

Is the advice to eat less saturated fat based on any good science? Well, not necessarily according to this fantastic new review:

Nutrition: Saturated fat and cardiovascular disease: The discrepancy between the scientific literature and dietary advice

The article analyzes the references for three sources of dietary guidelines: USDA, IOM and EFSA. They all recommend avoiding saturated fat. But they need all their imagination to find the science to back it up:  Continue Reading →


Saturated fat: Nothing to worry about

Here is another review-article concluding that we do not need to be afraid of saturated fat (such as butter) anymore. The fear of fat has simply been a mistake. Instead we should take care not to eat to much high glycemic index carbs:

The Netherlands Journal of Medicine: Saturated fat, carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease


“Fat Is In, Sugar Is Out”

Good fat, good fat, sugar

Good fat, good fat, sugar

The paradigm shift continues. More and more experts stop being unnecessarily afraid of fat. More and more people blame the obesity epidemic on junk food, with added sugar and other refined carbohydrates as culprit number one.

Now there are also new rules proposed for nutrition labels in the US. They’ll make it easier to watch out for added sugar:

BBC News: Fat is in, sugar is out: Label creates new food hierarchy

Some people take a detour and blame the obesity epidemic on the fuzzy concept of calories. They are right in theory, but wrong in practice. The quality of the calories determines how many calories one wants to eat.

In the past, before the obesity epidemic, nobody knew what a calorie was. They still kept their weight. Requiring calorie counting to maintain weight falls on its own absurdity. It’s as silly as demanding that you count your breaths.

We have a built-in sense of hunger and satiety that works better than any calorie table. Especially as it’s impossible to know how many calories you consume. Continue Reading →


Insane Fat-Fighting Strategy in the UK


Apart from the thought-provoking quote in the picture, Einstein also famously said this:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Both quotes fit perfectly to the new UK strategy to reduce obesity: Cut down on saturated fat in sugar-stuffed candy and junk food.

SKYNEWS: Fat-Fighting Strategy To Slim Down Nation

The problem? This is exactly what people have been trying to do for 30 years, while obesity rates have skyrocketed! So why will the exact same strategy suddenly have the opposite effect?

Here’s why the old fat-phobic advice is bad for your health:

England is already the most obese nation in Europe. Expecting that this 80′s style fat-phobic campaign will have a different result is simply insane.

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Ate a High-Fat Diet – Lost 200 lbs


The frequent reader here has no doubt heard Tommy Runesson’s impressive story before. But now it’s also in the Swedish newspaper Corren and we get to admire some new pictures of Tommy. Like the one above – it’s probably time for a new pair of pants.

Here’s the full article, translated into English.

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“Fat Trims Your Waistline”


The Food Revolution in full swing:

Below is an excellent article from local Swedish paper Corren about this week’s SBU report showing that low-carb diets are superior for weight loss. It’s particularly pleasing to see so many wise comments from Professor Fredrik Nyström, who was a member of the expert group of the SBU.

For Fredrik Nyström the report represents a victory.

- Absolutely. I’ve been working with this for so long. It feels great to have this scientific report, and that the skepticism towards low-carb diets among my colleagues has disappeared during the course of the work. When all recent scientific studies are lined up the result is indisputable: our deep-seated fear of fat is completely unfounded. You don’t get fat from fatty foods, just as you don’t get atherosclerosis from calcium or turn green from green vegetables.

The time has come for the health care system to learn how to advise patients on a low-carbohydrate diet.

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