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“They Are Amazed at My Energy Level”


Voice actor Bill Johnston slowly but surely gained weight while eating low-fat and wholegrain products. Eventually he had a closet full of clothes he could no longer wear. Then he found Diet Doctor and LCHF.

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BBC: Is Butter Good or Bad for You?

Is butter good or bad for you? Here’s a short segment from BBC Radio 4 earlier this week. It’s all good, but advance 1 minute 49 seconds for truly great statements from Dr. Aseem Malhotra.

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WSJ: The Food Pyramid Scheme

The new dietary guide for Americans is based on dubious science, perhaps especially when it comes to saturated fat and the remaining low-fat advice — and now Congress wants an impartial review. Big changes might be coming.

Nina Teicholz and Stephen E. Nissen has written a good new op-ed about the situation, in The Wall Street Journal:

WSJ: The Food Pyramid Scheme (paywall)

Real Daily Buzz: Steven Nissen and Nina Teicholz: The Food Pyramid Scheme (no paywall)

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Study Shows That Low-Fat Products Contain More Sugar Than Regular

The usual low-fat hoax

The usual low-fat hoax

It’s official. A systematic comparison shows that low-fat products contain more sugar than regular products. When manufacturers take away the fat the flavor disappears too, so they use more sugar to make it taste ok.

Bottom line? Don’t buy low-fat products. Eat real food.

Nutrition & Diabetes: A systematic comparison of sugar content in low-fat vs regular versions of food

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“The Great Butter Revival Is Killing Margarine”


Butter is considered healthy again. And that is bad news for fake butter, i.e. margarine. Sales are plummeting.

There are apparently rumors that the world’s foremost producer of margarine, Unilever, may get out of the business of producing margarine altogether. And they have already tried something slightly desperate in an attempt to court health-concious shoppers: adding butter to their margarine.

Quite a turnaround.

Daily Mail UK: How the Great Butter Revival Is Killing Margarine: A Turnaround in Expert Health Advice Means the Once-Popular Spread Could Soon Be Toast

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“LCHF Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give to Yourself and Your Loved Ones”

Before and after

Before and after

Larry Diamond has a fantastic husband and wife success story to tell. Combined they lost nearly 200 pounds and transformed their lives. He’s also sharing some LCHF lessons and reflections, things he wished he had known when starting out:

The story

My LCHF success story is a family success story brought on by an all too common family tragedy: a devastating chronic lifestyle disease in a loved one. My uncle, my father figure and best friend growing up, developed Alzheimer’s. I was 47 at the time and morbidly obese for decades. Continue Reading →


New Study: People Eating MORE Saturated Fat Get LESS Heart Disease


This is fantastic. A new Dutch study followed 36,000 people and tried to find a connection between the amount of saturated fat they ate and the risk of heart disease.

This time there actually was a connection. People eating more saturated fat (like butter) got way less heart disease!

The Study in AJCN

This should be impossible

Obviously this is only a statistical trial so it does not prove cause and effect. It doesn’t prove that butter protects against heart disease. But it’s still another big nail in the coffin for the failed low-fat diet. Because it’s almost impossible to get a result like this if saturated fat was really dangerous.

Imagine doing a study and finding that smokers get way less lung cancer, and the more they smoke the less lung cancer they get. That would be weird. It would also never happen. Because unlike natural saturated fat, smoking is actually bad for you.

Here’s another fantastically awkward thing that would not happen if saturated fat were as bad as some people still think: Stunning: Saturated Fat and the European Paradox

And here’s yet another: The Real Association Between Butter and Heart Disease in Sweden

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New US Dietary Guidelines “A Recipe For Disaster” and “An Evidence-Free Zone”

Are the new US Dietary Guidelines “an evidence-free zone”?

Why are the new US Dietary Guidelines still issuing warnings about saturated fat in 2016? And why are they still mumbling about cholesterol, even after removing the limit and even after their own preliminary report clearly said cholesterol is “no longer a nutrient of concern”?

Even more disturbingly, the guidelines pretend to have scientific support when in fact there is little to no evidence supporting them. A prominent cardiologist writing in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine yesterday even calls the guidelines “an evidence-free zone”!

Pretty remarkable, and it shows how non-existent the consensus behind the guidelines is.

Just forget about the saturated fat phobia. It’s a relic of a past age, and there is no real evidence to support it.

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“Why Mainstream Researchers Think the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Lack Scientific Rigor”


Are the US dietary guidelines – like the advice to avoid saturated fat – based on solid evidence? No, not at all, according to a new review in Circulation by Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, the dean of the nutrition school at Tufts University. It was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

This can be seen as vindication for the author Nina Teicholz, who recently suffered a storm of criticism from no less than 180 dinosaurs. All for standing up and saying essentially the same thing in The British Medical Journal: The Emperor is naked. The advice to avoid saturated fat is outdated and lacks scientific support.

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Why We Fear Fat

This is how it all began. How we started to fear natural fat with no real scientific evidence.

Many decades later the fear of fat is on life support and most people realize it’s been a mistake. American guidelines have now stopped advising people to eat less total fat and (just this week) dietary cholesterol. And more and more people realize the remaining restriction on saturated fat is just an old relic that needs to go too.

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