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Obesity is “Exploding” in Europe, Except in This Country

Obesity in Sweden

Yesterday saw some frightening headlines about obesity being about to “explode” in Europe.

The headlines are based on a new WHO report on the spread of obesity in Europe. Sweden – my country – is among the leanest of European countries today, with 14 percent of the population classified as “obese”.  But the report predicts a major increase in obesity over the next two decades, to 26 percent.

The big problem is that the report is apparently based on the situation in 2010 (five years ago!!) for the prognosis. Perhaps this is because it’s difficult to find reliable newer statistics for all European countries.

However, something seems to have happened in Sweden in the last five years. Look at the numbers in the graph above, the blue line is from official Swedish statistics, the red line is the WHO projection from the 2010 numbers.

Something seems to have happened. As if by pure coincidence the obesity epidemic took off in Sweden by the end of the 80s, with the fear of fat. Our national low-fat labeling was adopted in 1989 and seems to mark the beginning of the obesity epidemic.

In recent years, as butter sales have broken records and LCHF has been by far the most popular weight loss method that Swedes have turned to – since then the obesity epidemic has slowed down. For the last two years the numbers are actually going down.

We can’t say anything certain about the cause of these figures. But it’s clear that WHO’s prognosis is already outdated when it comes to developments in Sweden. Something has happened in the last five years.

It will be exciting to see what the future holds. Will Sweden be the first country to reverse the obesity epidemic? If so, who will follow?

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How Losing Weight With LCHF Helps Save Children’s Lives in Amazonas

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How can losing weight with LCHF help to save children’s lives in Amazonas? The other day I received a fantastic story from Cate – the woman on the wing of the airplane above. Continue Reading →

LCHF in Danish

LCHF in Danish

Denmark is the black sheep of Scandinavia when it comes to old-fashioned fear of fat. Sweden, Norway and Finland enjoy good LCHF-food so much that we have experienced recent butter shortages. Meanwhile Denmark is hopelessly behind, and has even started taxing saturated fat.

Here’s some help. A reader translated my beginners guide to Danish:

I added the link to the page LCHF for beginners.


Low Carb Winning in Sweden


Unbelievable times in Sweden right now, low carb has never been this popular. Lara Dolson may be right:

Is Sweden Leading Other Countries to Give up Carbs?

Just this week these three things happened:

  • The biggest news show reported on a new survey ordered by the government agency behind the official low fat guidelines. It showed that three percent of Swedes thought that eating large amounts of fat was good for your health. Another 29 percent did not think that fat should be avoided any more. So one in three Swedes like fat now! The old fear of fat is melting away.

It’s crazy. I haven’t even mentioned yet that the highest medical authority in Sweden, the National Board of Health, late last year started recommending a “modest” low carb diet for diabetics. More on that later!

We’ve even had a butter shortage recently. And low carb books are currently outselling all other health books by far. Low carb is winning in Sweden.


Buy Car, Get Butter


How’s it going with the Norwegian butter shortage situation? This recent offer from a Norwegian paper might be a clue:

Buy a new Audi R8 for 2 million Norwegian crowns ($360K) and you get a pound of butter for free.


Black-Market Butter is Becoming Expensive in Norway


Photo: Ole-Martin Grav / VG

More and more bizarre stories are arriving from low-carb-eating Norway. How about smuggling butter and selling it on the black market for about $70 a pound? This is not a joke, it’s apparently already happened. The picture above shows smuggled butter being confiscated recently.

In Sweden the butter shortage that plagued us during the fall is now under control, due to increased imports. But who knows what will happen in 2012? The world’s production of butter may need to be increase to satisfy the ever-increasing Scandinavian demand. And what will happen as more countries stop fearing natural fat?


Emergency Butter Aid: Denmark Rescues Norwegian Christmas

Dansk smöraktion

Because of the popularity of LCHF diets in Scandinavia Norway is experiencing a severe shortage of butter. There isn’t enough to prepare all the traditional Christmas food.

Danish breakfast TV has now started a large rescue operation. They’re sending at least 1000 packets of butter to neighboring Norway.

The LCHF revolution has so far only spread from Sweden to Norway and Finland. Danes still fear natural saturated fat, for no good reason. But that’s ok. It means more delicious butter for the rest of us.


Swedes Soon the Slimmest People in the Western World?


new OECD report shows that the number of obese people in most developed countries has doubled or tripled between the 1980s and 2009. This disaster coincides with the fear of fat.

Interestingly Norway and Sweden are among the slimmest countries in 2009. Considering the LCHF revolution going on in these countries (butter shortage and everything) the future looks promising.

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Butter Battlefield Scandinavia

The Swedish LCHF revolution is spreading to our neighbors Norway and Finland. Like Sweden they are now experiencing shortages of real butter.

Here is a local paper from Norway yesterday. The big text reads: “The stores in Troms COMPLETELY OUT of butter and cream”. Also in the green section: “The Low Carb trend continues in full force”!

The black sheep of Scandinavia is Denmark. They fear fat so much they even started taxing saturated fat (like butter) last month. Soon we may see diverging obesity rates: Sweden, Norway, Finland going down and Denmark going up. That could be a good lesson to the world.


Butter shortage in Sweden


Swedish butter

The Swedish Low Carb High Fat revolution keeps advancing. Newspapers are now reporting on a shortage of butter in Sweden that will probably last for the rest of the year. Production can’t keep up with the rising demand.

This is good news. At least as long as I still have butter in my own refrigerator.

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