40 Game-Changing Experts Changing the Fitness Industry

This is cool. Here’s a list of 40 experts that are “changing the fitness industry” – and I’m one of them. It gets even better, on the same list are three of the most impressive people I know: Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes and Peter Attia.

40 Game-Changing Experts Shaping The Fitness Industry

As far as I’m aware the list isn’t only about having game-changing six packs. It just seems like it at the top of the list.

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“Everything Changed for Me Once I Did a Lifestyle Change” 14
A Happy – But Not So Sweet – New Year? 1
“Fat Is In, Sugar Is Out” 26
The Official Disease of the 2012 London Olympics! 44
No More Than Seven Months? 35
Obesity is Not Caused by a Lack of Exercise 39
Happy New Healthy Year! 0
Saturated Fat Completely Safe According to New Big Review of All Science! 34
New Study: A Low-Carb Diet and Intermittent Fasting Beneficial for Diabetics! 45
From Couch Potato to Powerlifter in 2 Years with LCHF 6
My Health Markers After Eight Years on LCHF 142
A Calorie Is Not a Calorie – Not Even Close 36

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