40 Game-Changing Experts Changing the Fitness Industry

This is cool. Here’s a list of 40 experts that are “changing the fitness industry” – and I’m one of them. It gets even better, on the same list are three of the most impressive people I know: Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes and Peter Attia.

40 Game-Changing Experts Shaping The Fitness Industry

As far as I’m aware the list isn’t only about having game-changing six packs. It just seems like it at the top of the list.

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Obesity is Not Caused by a Lack of Exercise 39
Happy New Healthy Year! 0
From Couch Potato to Powerlifter in 2 Years with LCHF 6
What Happens if You Eat 5,800 Calories of Carbohydrate-Rich Junk Food Daily? 58
My Health Markers After Eight Years on LCHF 142
Across the Pacific Ocean Without Sugar or Other Junk Carbohydrates 22
Saturated Fat Completely Safe According to New Big Review of all Science! 34
What Happens If You Eat 5,800 Calories Daily on an LCHF Diet? 175
Four Simple Steps to a Healthier and Leaner Life 21
Panel Discussion on the Fight Against Sugar 55
Does Exercise Promote Weight Loss? 68
How Athletes – and You – Can Get Faster, Better and Stronger 11

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