40 Game-Changing Experts Changing the Fitness Industry

This is cool. Here’s a list of 40 experts that are “changing the fitness industry” – and I’m one of them. It gets even better, on the same list are three of the most impressive people I know: Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes and Peter Attia.

40 Game-Changing Experts Shaping The Fitness Industry

As far as I’m aware the list isn’t only about having game-changing six packs. It just seems like it at the top of the list.

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Football Champions on a Low-Carb Diet 22
“Fat Is In, Sugar Is Out” 26
A Happy – But Not So Sweet – New Year? 1
“Everything Changed for Me Once I Did a Lifestyle Change” 14
How a Diet Change Can Free People from Epilepsy 8
Happy New Healthy Year! 0
The Movie the Junk Food Industry Fears 26
Do You Want to Watch the Excellent Obesity Documentary FED UP? 41
Does Exercise Promote Weight Loss? 72
Four Weeks of Strict LCHF and Ketone Monitoring 46
Gallstones and Low Carb 146
TIME: Eat Butter. Scientists Labeled Fat the Enemy. Why They Were Wrong. 84

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