40 Game-Changing Experts Changing the Fitness Industry

This is cool. Here’s a list of 40 experts that are “changing the fitness industry” – and I’m one of them. It gets even better, on the same list are three of the most impressive people I know: Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes and Peter Attia.

40 Game-Changing Experts Shaping The Fitness Industry

As far as I’m aware the list isn’t only about having game-changing six packs. It just seems like it at the top of the list.

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Is It Dangerous to Eat Meat Before Age 65? 48
TIME: Eat Butter. Scientists Labeled Fat the Enemy. Why They Were Wrong. 82
Across the Pacific Ocean Without Sugar or Other Junk Carbohydrates 23
Can Giving Up Grains Cause Cancer? 26
Why Nutrition Is So Confusing 39
The Science of Low Carb 48
“The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp” 6
The effect of extreme carbo-loading 59
What Happens If You Eat 5,800 Calories Daily on an LCHF Diet? 178
Does Exercise Promote Weight Loss? 69
Bode Miller Makes Olympic Alpine History Using Low Carb 6
Happy Ketones 42

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